Excel File Splitter

Split an Excel file among translators based on word count and re-join translated parts.

Excel File Splitter is designed for PMs and small translation teams who need to split large Excel files (mostly localization tables) among several translators. It splits an Excel file in equal parts based on word count or character count, and re-joins the translated files when they are finalized by translators. It is mostly designed for LSPs and teams who work with translators without using a central CAT tool.

Excel File Splitter window in action

With Excel File Splitter, you can quickly see the word count and decide how many translators are needed to achieve the deadline


  • Save a large amount of time splitting Excel files among translators and re-joining them after translation.
  • Get a quick estimate of words / characters in an Excel file, with or without embedded HTML code.

Excel File Splitter in action: screenshots

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File splitting options
Joining files
File splitting options
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Excel File Splitter benefits

Save a huge amount of time splitting large Excel files

Excel File Splitter enables small translation teams who do not use a centralized CAT tool to handle large Excel files with ease. Splitting a file among several translators has never been so easy.

Prepare wordcounts on large Excel files, with or without embedded HTML code

If you work with software strings in Excel files, you can prepare word counts very quickly without using your CAT tool. Excel File Splitter supports embedded HTML code, columns that do not require translation, and any number of non-translatable header rows.

30-day fully-functional trial. No banking details are required.

* discounts available, unlimited time license

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