Pre-flight Checker

Pre-flight Checker finds and corrects various common issues before translation or customer delivery.

This tool is part of TransTools+

Note: Pre-flight Checker is included in TransTools+ version 2. Upgrade by downloading the latest version.

Pre-flight Checker searches Word documents for common formatting issues which may cause problems for you during translation in a CAT tool or when you deliver the final document to your customer, and lets you fix these issues easily. Such issues include tab characters that affect segmentation in a CAT tool or visual alignment of the text, excessive spaces, inconsistent formatting, stange characters, overlooked color highlighting or hidden text, partly invisible text, etc. Pre-flight Checker includes built-in profiles for checking documents prior to CAT tool translation and delivery to the customer, and lets you create custom profiles that perform specific checks using custom settings. Pre-flight Checker is a must for documents converted from PDF files, and should be used on any other Word documents to avoid difficulties during translation and to create a well-formatted document for the customer.

List of formatting issues found by Pre-flight Checker

List of formatting issues found by Pre-flight Checker


  • Resolve common formatting issues before translating in a CAT tool: tab characters between words that affect segmentation, excessive spaces that cause reduced TM match rates, false tables of contents that cause translatable text to be hidden from your CAT tool, minor variations in font formatting that produce extra tags, etc.
  • Locate and fix formatting issues before delivery of final documents to your customers: partly invisible text in table rows, potential misalignment of text separated with tab characters, excessive spaces which cause the text to appear less professional, and other issues.
  • Use built-in checking profiles designed to address common issues.
  • Create custom checking profiles to run the right checks with required settings.

Pre-flight Checker screenshots

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List of formatting issues detected in a Word document
Pre-flight Checker panel
Configuring the individual checks with the Profile Manager
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This tool is part of TransTools+, suite of productivity tools for Microsoft Office designed for translators, editors, content creators and DTP specialists.
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Tools for document formatting and preparation before/after translation


  • Unbreaker – find and remove incorrect paragraph and line breaks to prevent segmentation issues in CAT tools
  • Document Cleaner – prepare badly formatted documents for translation: remove excessive tags and fix formatting issues after PDF conversion or OCR
  • Find & Replace Excessive Spaces (Word) – find and replace excessive spaces to improve TM leverage and improve formatting

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