Multiple Find & Replace

Powerful substitute for Word’s Find / Replace dialogue and Navigation pane. Search Word documents for multiple words and phrases using standard text search or regular expressions, replace all or individual occurrences, change formatting of found text, review each occurrence with its context before making a change.

This tool is part of TransTools+

Multiple Find & Replace tool makes it extremely easy to find and replace text in Word documents using lists of search expressions. With its help, you will be able to find multiple words or phrases using standard text search or regular expressions, decide which occurrences need changing, and then replace them and/or format them as required.

Text matches shown with their context

Finding all occurrences of search expressions in a document with Multiple Find & Replace tool


  • Search a Word document for multiple words or phrases defined in reusable search expression lists.
  • Use Microsoft Word's Find & Replace syntax for simple searches, or use the powerful .NET regular expressions to perform complex searches and replacements.
  • Automatically replace all occurrences of words / phrases defined in your list by using Replace All button.
  • Confirm each replacement before it is made by using Find / Replace buttons.
  • Display a list of all occurrences of words / phrases defined in your list using Find All button, and then see each occurrence in document context and preview how the text will appear after the replacement is made.
  • Decide which found occurrences of words / phrases need to be processed, and use Replace Selected button to replace selected occurrences or Format Selected button to apply font formatting or highlight color to these occurrences.
  • Search for text that has specific font formatting (including Bold, Italic, Underline style, Font Color, Font Size, Subscript and Superscript, Strikethrough and Double Strikethrough, All Caps and Small Caps).
  • Modify the replacement text of specific occurrences of words / phrases based on context.

Multiple Find & Replace in action: screenshots

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Sample list of search expressions
Occurrences of search expressions shown with context
Simple search expression for finding and replacing text
Advanced search expression that applies formatting to found text
Advanced search expression that uses regex for finding and replacing text
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This tool is part of TransTools+, suite of productivity tools for Microsoft Office designed for translators, editors, content creators and DTP specialists.
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Quality assurance (QA) tools


  • Spacing, Punctuation and Symbol Correction Tool – Create great-looking documents by removing excessive spaces, inserting missing spaces, using non-breaking spaces to keep text on the same line for readability, and using typographically correct symbols.
  • Highlighting Tool – simplify editing work: apply color highlighting, clear color highlighting, or find color highlighting


  • Multiple Replace – replace several words or phrases simultaneously across a document or selection
  • Correctomatic – correct words and phrases according to multiple correction lists
  • Find Multiple Text – find words and phrases defined in your search-replace list for manual correction

Batch tools


  • Document Processing Tool – perform various actions on multiple Word documents (DOCX, DOC, RTF format), using one or several different TransTools+ commands one after the other.

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