Author Anonymizer

Author Anonymizer modifies author information in Tracked Changes, comments and document properties in Word documents in order to anonymize real names or correct them.

This tool is part of TransTools+

Note: Author Anonymizer is included in TransTools+ version 2. Upgrade by downloading the latest version.

Author Anonymizer updates the names of authors in revisions (tracked changes), comments and document properties in Word documents in order to anonymize real names or modify them. Using this tool, you can quickly replace names of one or several users, e.g. translators or editors, in multiple documents so that your customer sees ‘Translator’ or a name of your choosing. This way, you can hide the real names of translators/editors from the customer, expose a single common name like ‘Translator’ to the customer to improve coordination, do so because of customer requirements, or even correct mistakes in author names.

Author Anonymizer window and its anonymization options

Author Anonymizer tool offers various options to anonymize specific authors in revisions, comments and document properties


  • Change specific user names in revisions (tracked changes), comments and/or document properties to an anonymized name such as “Translator”, “Editor”, etc. You can specify any replacement name.
  • Remove all author information from revisions (tracked changes), comments and/or document properties. This feature is similar to the existing Word functionality.
  • Customize which types of document information should be anonymized. You can optionally anonymize revisions (tracked changes), comments, Author property, Last Saved By property, Manager property and Company property.
  • You can also use Author Anonymizer to correct author information in Word documents, e.g. when the existing author names are misspelt, etc.
  • You no longer need to remember to set the correct name in Word Options before starting your work on a Word document. Update any document at any time.
  • Batch-process multiple documents at once.

Author Anonymizer screenshots

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Main screen of Author Anonymizer, configured to update specific author names to "Translator"
Configuration options for Update Author Information action
Author Anonymizer provides extra options for documents which are configured to remove personal information upon saving
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This tool is part of TransTools+, suite of productivity tools for Microsoft Office designed for translators, editors, content creators and DTP specialists.
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