Suite of productivity tools for Microsoft Office designed for translators, editors, content creators and DTP specialists

TransTools+ includes versatile time-saving tools for Microsoft Word for quality assurance, document preparation, processing multiple documents and more.

TransTools+ features

Tools for MS Word Tools for Word

Quality assurance (QA)

Multiple Find and Replace tool icon Multiple Find & Replace

Search Word documents for multiple words and phrases, replace or format found text or review each occurrence in context before making a change.

Multiple Find and Replace tool pane
Spacing, Punctuation and Symbol Correction Tool icon Spacing, Punctuation and Symbol Correction Tool

Create great-looking documents by removing excessive spaces, inserting missing spaces, using non-breaking spaces to keep text on the same line for readability, and using typographically correct symbols.

Spacing, Punctuation and Symbol Correction Tool pane
Highlighting Tool icon Highlighting Tool

Simplify editing work: apply color highlighting, clear color highlighting, or find color highlighting.

Highlighting Tool pane

Partial (selective) translation

Hide / Unhide Text tool icon Hide / Unhide Text

Mark text as non-translatable in order to hide it from your CAT tool or convert it into tags.

Hide / Unhide Text tool panel

Batch tools

Document Processing Tool icon Document Processing Tool

Perform various actions on multiple Word documents (DOCX, DOC, RTF format), using one or several different TransTools+ commands one after the other.

Document Processing Tool dialogue

Useful tools for editing text

Find Selection command icon Find Selection

Easily find the current editing location / selection in a Microsoft Word document.

TransTools+ benefits

Take translation editing in Word to the next level

TransTools+ provides several useful tools that speed up document editing: search and replace multiple words and phrases, use regular expressions to find or replace almost anything, unleash the power of color highlighting, remove excessive spaces and insert missing ones, add non-breaking spaces and insert typographically correct symbols to create great-looking documents, and more.

Improve efficiency of translation using your CAT tool

TransTools+ complements your CAT tool with special tools for document formatting before and after translation, tools for double-checking text in final documents, etc.

Translate almost any localization format in your CAT tool through MS Word

If your CAT tool does not support a specific localization format like MarkDown, you can still translate it through MS Word by putting the file into Word, hiding non-translatable text and importing the Word document into your CAT tool. TransTools+ provides tools to do just that.
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