Quotation Magic

Improve document formatting and punctuation by using typographically correct quotation marks, apostrophes and similar symbols.

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Quotation Magic searches a Word document for quotation marks, apostrophes and prime symbols and suggests corrections (using proper curly symbols like « » “ ” ‘ ’) according to the typography rules of the document’s language.

Quotation Magic in action

Replacing quotation marks in a document translated into English


  • Get better matches from your TM by using specific quotation marks and apostrophes in source documents.
  • Replace straight quotation marks and straight apostrophes with proper curly symbols according to the typography rules of the document’s language.
  • Correct the style of curly quotation marks and apostrophes used in the document (e.g., when «text» need to be used instead of “text”).
  • Find missing opening or closing quotation marks.
  • Spot incorrect spacing around quotation marks, e.g., when there is a space before a closing quotation mark or after an opening quotation mark.
  • Use proper prime and double prime symbols (foot/inch marks) instead of quotation mark symbols, e.g. 5′6″.
  • Decide which symbols need to be corrected and what symbols need to be used in each specific case.
  • Check entire document or selected text only.
  • Apply color highlighting to all corrected symbols for a final visual check.

Quotation Magic in action: screenshots

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Reviewing the issues found for an English document
Wrong quotation marks found in a document translated into Russian
How to configure quotation mark styles for a language
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  • What our users are saying
    Quotation Magic really is magic.

    “Quotation Magic is very handy when you realise the client asked for straight quotes and your CAT tool is set to curly. It really is magic.”

    Jacqui Birnie, MITI, technical translator, memoQ trainer

This tool is part of TransTools, suite of 50+ productivity tools for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and AutoCAD designed for translators, editors and DTP specialists.
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