Quick Workspaces

Save the visual (display) settings of Word under “profiles” and restore these profiles when needed.

This tool is part of TransTools

Quick Workspaces tool allows you to save the current display settings (visibility of non-printing symbols / table gridlines / ruler / navigation pane, window size and position, ribbon size) and quickly restore them later, using profiles.

Save Workspace dialogue

Saving the current visual settings as a “quick workspace”


  • Remember and restore the visibility of certain non-printing marks: paragraph breaks, tab characters, spaces, etc.
  • Remember and restore the visibility of certain user interface elements: table gridlines, navigation pane, ruler.
  • Remember and restore whether the ribbon is minimized or not.
  • Remember and restore the size and position of the document window.
  • Save all desired settings under any number of profiles and quickly restore them when needed. Each profile can be used for specific scenarios, e.g. to maximize editing space on a small monitor, to hide or show non-printing symbols during reading or editing, etc.
  • Wordfast Classic users: save and restore window appearance when using TM Companion and Terminology Companion.
This tool is part of TransTools, suite of 50+ productivity tools for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, AutoCAD and BricsCAD designed for translators, editors and DTP specialists.
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