Insert Symbol / Quotes

Insert a predefined symbol or wrap selected text in quotation marks of predefined styles.

This tool is part of TransTools

Insert Symbol / Quotes makes it easy to insert predefined symbols or letters, certain invisible symbols, or quotation marks of predefined styles.

Insert Symbol / Quotes dialogue

Insert Symbol / Quotes dialogue


  • Unlike Word's Insert Symbol command, Insert Symbol / Quotes tool allows you to define your commonly used symbols and letters and quickly insert them from a predictable place, without the risk of the symbol disappearing from the last usage list.
  • Insert non-printing or commonly confused symbols like non-breaking space, EN-dash and EM-dash, minus sign, soft hyphen and so on.
  • Insert quotation marks of various predefined styles around selected text.
This tool is part of TransTools, suite of 50+ productivity tools for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, AutoCAD and BricsCAD designed for translators, editors and DTP specialists.
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