Correct words and phrases according to multiple correction lists.

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Correctomatic uses predefined correction lists to find multiple words and phrases that require correction and allows you to correct them quickly.

Correctomatic in action

Adapting spelling to American English


  • Check your documents for consistency with a style guide. Most style guides provide correct spellings for some words, or preferential spellings for some words that can be written in different ways. This can be a corporate style guide or a public style guide, e.g., the Economist style guide, Chicago Manual of Style, Guardian and Observer Style Guide, etc. For example, the words “adviser” and “advisor” are both correct, but Guardian and Observer Style Guide requires you to use “adviser”.
  • Use a specific dialect of a language throughout a document. For example, you can use Correctomatic to “convert” a document from British English to American English, etc.
  • Find potential errors that are not detectable with the spellchecker. Every language has words that are spelled similarly but have differences in meaning. For example, in British English the words “dependent” (adjective) and “dependant” (noun) have different meaning, but you cannot rely on the spellchecker to help you.
  • Find potential translation errors. In specific fields of knowledge, translators tend to make the same mistakes. There are also a lot of “false translator friends” in different language pairs.

Correctomatic in action: screenshots

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Choosing a correction list
Suggestions screen
Suggestions list after checking a document against a correction list
New correction list entry
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Tools for quality assurance (QA)


  • Multiple Find & Replace – search Word documents for multiple words and phrases, replace or format found text or review each occurrence in context before making a change

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