Check for clean document

Check whether the document was completely cleaned by Trados 2007 or Wordfast Classic and find the first uncleaned segment if the document was not cleaned properly.

This tool is part of TransTools

Check For Clean Document command checks whether the current Word document was properly cleaned after a translation session using Wordfast Classic or Trados 2007, i.e. whether the source text and delimiters were removed from the document. It navigates to the first problem area if uncleaned text is found.


  • Check whether the Word document is ready to be sent to the customer after it was translated using Wordfast Classic or Trados 2007 add-in for MS Word.
  • Find the first segment that was not cleaned properly, perhaps due to corrupt delimiters, in order to resolve the problem manually.
This tool is part of TransTools, suite of 50+ productivity tools for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, AutoCAD and BricsCAD designed for translators, editors and DTP specialists.
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