Accept all revisions and turn Track Changes off

Accept all revisions in the document and deactivate Track Changes mode.

This tool is part of TransTools

Accept All Revisions and Turn Track Changes Off command makes it easy to prepare a Word document for translation in a CAT tool or submission to the customer by accepting all tracked revisions.


  • Accept all revisions and deactivate Track Changes mode to ensure that no tracked deletions or insertions occur within the document.
  • Make sure that the document is imported into your CAT tool without tracked changes, which can be imported separately by some CAT tools or even introduce excessive tags in other tools.
  • Make sure that your customer sees a clean document without any tracked insertions or deletions.
This tool is part of TransTools, suite of 50+ productivity tools for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, AutoCAD and BricsCAD designed for translators, editors and DTP specialists.
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