Term Morphology Editor

Improve terminology recognition during translation and QA in memoQ and Memsource Cloud.

Term Morphology Editor is designed for PMs, terminologists and freelance translators who want to save time and effort during preparation of memoQ and Memsource term bases for better term search during translation and QA. It improves term recognition results in your term bases, making translator's work faster and more accurate.

Term Morphology Editor window in action

Program window with the list of terms loaded from the term base and the visual morphology editor with the selected term


  • Speed up translator's and editor's work in several ways: since all term inflections are recognized, you speed up insertion of term translations (from the translation results / matches pane or from dropdown list), improve term checking during QA stage, and get better fuzzy matches from the TM (term translations are used by memoQ to repair fuzzy TM matches).
  • Save up to 90-95% of the time required for manual editing of term bases to improve term recognition performance.
  • Edit memoQ term bases in CSV and Excel format.
  • Edit Memsource term bases in Excel format.
  • Speed up term morphology editing by automatically re-using suggestions from two engines - Hunspell (spell checking and morphology system) and Morpher.ru (a morphological web-service for Russian and Ukrainian languages). Suggestions are provided for 30 languages: Albanian, Belarusian, Bosnian (Latin script), Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, English, Estonian, French, Galician, Georgian, Italian, Kazakh, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Tajik, Tatar, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Welsh.
  • Edit term morphology in a visual editor if there are no morphology suggestions or the suggestion is not accurate enough.
  • Save terms to a special database which remembers morphology of saved terms and provides automatic suggestions if you encounter the same term in the future.

Term Morphology Editor in action: screenshots

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Program window with list of terms and special pane for editing term morphology
Term detection before and after using Term Morphology Editor
Visual editor for changing term morphology
Morphology recommendations
Main window after loading terms
Loading a term base
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  • What our users are saying
    I have to say: WOW.

    “I have to say: WOW. I just did a test on ~240-item TB with mostly multiple-words terms, with about 20% of existing user/custom matching patterns. I installed the program, deliberatedly didn't read any instructions and went with the defaults. It took me maybe 20 minutes to go over engine suggestions with some corrections - the program was mostly too cautious with some words. I already imported TB back and it worked beautifully. Doing that manually would take at least two hours of very tedious work.”

    Marek Pawelec, Freelance translator and trainer

  • What our users are saying
    Term Morphology Editor will definitely provide you with an extra edge.

    “Term Morphology Editor [TME] is an intelligent piece of software that helps me automate terminology control on high-volume term-rich translation projects. Thanks to TME, I’ve been able to better serve my clients by speeding up terminology control on large projects, boosting the degree of terminology consistency, and automating terminology checks across Russian and Ukrainian. If you’re a translator or terminologist working with critical terminology and inflected languages, Term Morphology Editor will definitely provide you with an extra edge.”

    Denis Danchenko, automotive translator with over 15 years of experience.

Term Morphology Editor benefits

Improve translation consistency in your projects

Term Morphology Editor allows translators to see more term matches in each segment, increasing the speed of their work as well as translation consistency.

Improve terminology QA results

By allowing all term inflections to be recognized, Term Morphology Editor improves term detection during QA, producing more “missing term” warnings where necessary.

Save time during term base preparation

Term Morphology Editor saves a lot of time during preparation of term bases for efficient term recognition in Memsource and memoQ, especially for new projects with large term bases or term bases produced through term extraction.

30-day fully-functional trial. No banking details are required.

* discounts available, unlimited time license

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