Never overlook anything when translating Microsoft Office documents using CAT tools.

Forget-me-not analyzes the content inside several Microsoft Office documents and produces reports that give you a very clear idea how to translate the document completely without overlooking anything and help you plan the additional work required for DTP and manual translation. It analyzes documents and checks which content present in the documents cannot be imported by your CAT tool at all or can be imported depending on import settings, and which content requires attention before or after translation in CAT tool.

Forget-me-not Document Content Report

Summary list of content in analyzed documents with important information about content that requires attention during translation with CAT tools and during pre/post-formatting


  • Understand what content will not be imported into the CAT tool by default and how to change import settings of your CAT tool in order to import that content.
  • Learn which content cannot be imported by your CAT tool, and how you can translate this content manually.
  • Discover which items need special attention during document preparation before and after translation with CAT tools (e.g. updatable fields that need to be updated in the final document, or fixed-height textboxes that may have partially invisible text in the translated document).
  • (Planned features) Fix issues before importing into the CAT tool or inside the final document, translate content that cannot be translated in your CAT tool, and more.

Forget-me-not in action: screenshots

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Summary report about translatable content
List of document properties in analyzed documents and Import instructions
List of alternative descriptions and titles and manual translation instructions for them
Document Analysis Wizard
Tooltip for category of content found in analyzed documents
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Forget-me-not’s benefits

Import documents into your CAT tool using correct settings

Microsoft Office documents are complex documents which contain elements that are not always imported by your CAT tool. So, it is critical to configure your CAT tool correctly in order to import all the text you need to translate. Forget-me-not will tell you if you need to change the default import settings to import specific content.

Discover text that cannot be imported by your CAT tool

Some content in Microsoft Office documents cannot be translated in your CAT tool. Forget-me-not will warn you if that is the case and provide instructions how you can translate this content manually.

Understand the effort required and avoid surprises

Forget-me-not provides word counts for content that requires manual translation (where appropriate), and tells you about content that requires preparation before/after translation. Having this information, you will be able to create more accurate quotes, plan the work better, and avoid surprises at the last minute.

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