TransTools+ licensing information

TransTools+ includes two types of tools:

  1. Free tools – these tools do not require a license to run.
  2. Paid tools – you need a license to use these tools after the initial 30-day trial period.

Paid tools may be used during 30 days after the first use of the tool without any limitations. When this initial 30-day period is over, you need a valid license either for the full version of TransTools+ or for this specific tool. You can buy a license here.

There are two types of licenses:

  1. License for the full version of TransTools+ (Full License). This license allows you to use any tool included in TransTools+.
  2. License for a specific tool. This license allows you to use only one specific tool.

Each license may be activated on up to 3 different computers belonging to the same individual or employee. When a license is activated, the program contacts the activation server on TransTools+ website. If you have already activated the same license on 3 computers, you will not be able to activate this license unless you deactivate the license on other computers first.

To view the list of active licenses, click About TransTools+ on the ribbon:

About TransTools+ dialogue

The list displays the licensed product (specific tool or full license) and the license code.

To activate or deactivate a license, click Activate/deactivate Licenses button. This will display License Management dialogue:

License Management

To deactivate a license, click Deactivate button for a specific license. You will be prompted to confirm the action, and following a cofirmation the license will be deactivated. During deactivation the program contacts the Activation website, so you need an Internet connection for this action.

To activate a license, click Activate License... button. You will see License Registration dialogue:

License activation

If you don't have a license name and code, click Obtain License Code button in order to purchase a license. Make sure to purchase a license for the right product: either Full License or a license for the specific tool. If you want to buy a full license, you can choose from two options: 1) buy a fresh new license or 2) extend an existing license for a specific tool to the full license (for a reduced fee).

When you have the license name and code, paste them individually into Name / E-mail and License Code fields. You can also copy the entire piece of text containing the license name and code from the registration email to the clipboard and click Paste in order to paste the license name and/or license code into the dialogue.
Click Register and Activate License to activate the license. You need an Internet connection to do so.
Unless you have already activated this license on 3 computers, the license will be activated successfully and the dialogue will be closed.

If you have trouble registering your license, click Report an Issue button to send an email to the support team.

To view TransTools+ License Agreement, go here.