Remove Highlight (Word) – Documentation

Remove Highlight tool icon Remove Highlight tool clears color highlighting of specific colors or any color from entire document or selection.

Detailed information about Remove Highlight tool

How Remove Highlight tool can help you in your work

Here are some scenarios where Remove Highlight tool will be useful:

  • You want to clear highlights of all colors before submitting the final document to the customer.
  • You want to clear highlights of certain colors while leaving the other highlight colors intact.
  • Many TransTools commands use color highlighting to mark text. Remove Highlight command is designed to make it simpler to remove highlighting of a particular colour (or any colour) in the entire document/selection (i.e. headers, footers, footnotes, comments, etc). If the original document contained highlights of a different color, they will be left untouched.

Where to find the tool

To run Remove Highlight tool, click Remove Highlight button on TransTools ribbon in Word:

Remove Highlight button on TransTools ribbon

Using Remove Highlight tool

Remove Highlight dialogue is explained below:

Screenshot: Remove Highlight dialogue

  1. Entire document – select this if you want to process text in the entire document (including headers / footers, textboxes, comments, footnotes / endnotes).
  2. Selection – select this if you want to process the selection only. The selection may be a block of text, multiple selections of text, a shape or a group of shapes.
  3. Highlight color – choose a pre-defined highlight colour which should be removed (i.e. words highlighted with that colour will be un-highlighted). This should be the same colour as the colour specified in Language Check options. You can also choose to remove all highlight colors.
  4. Remove all colors except selected – activate this checkbox if you would like to clear all highlight colors except the color chosen from the list.

When the appropriate options have been selected, click Continue. To exit, click Cancel.

The command's progress will be shown in Microsoft Word status bar at the bottom of the window (Please wait... 50% complete). Microsoft Word will not respond until the operation completes. If the operation takes too long (1 minute or longer) and the progress does not change, press Ctrl+Break combination to terminate the command's execution.


  • Be careful to choose the same colour as the colour used when the document was checked or corrected with TransTools commands. Otherwise, it is possible that other highlights (perhaps those made by the author of the original document, which must be left intact) will be removed.
  • Sometimes original background colours (i.e. author's formatting) will be changed to new colours by TransTools commands. To restore the original highlight colours, consult the original document.

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