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What Is This Text Symbol tool icon What Is This Text Symbol tool helps you obtain information about the Unicode symbols used in the selected text (Unicode code point, hexadecimal code, and online help).

Detailed information about What Is This Text Symbol tool

How What Is This Text Symbol tool can help you in your work

What Is This Text Symbol helps you identify text symbols inside Microsoft Word. The tool analyses text you select in Microsoft Word and presents you with information about each Unicode symbol in the text. You can then use a variety of methods to obtain more information about the symbol.

What Is This Text Symbol tool in action

Here are some potential use cases for this tool:

  1. You want to decide what to do with a strange-looking symbol (e.g., a rectangle or a similar symbol) in Microsoft Word, your CAT tool, etc.
    Example of unknown symbol in memoQ
    Copying the text from your CAT tool into Microsoft Word, you can run the tool and decide whether you need to delete this symbol in the translation or keep it.
  2. You want to identify the symbol which looks very similar to another symbol. For example, some letters in the Latin alphabet look identical to Cyrillic letters but are in fact different symbols.
    Unknown symbol looking like a hyphen
    In this example, the symbol that looks like a hyphen is in fact a Not Sign (U+00AC) erroneously inserted into the document instead of a hyphen.
  3. You want to find out whether you are looking at a precomposed letter (a single letter that includes diacritic marks) or a regular letter with combining marks attached to it.

Of course, the tool is not limited to Microsoft Word – you can easily copy text from any program using the clipboard and paste it into Word, and then run the tool.

Where to find the tool

To run What Is This Text Symbol tool, click its button on TransTools ribbon in Word:

What Is This Text Symbol button

Using What Is This Text Symbol tool

To use What Is This Text Symbol tool:

  1. Select some text (including any invisible text such as spaces) inside a document. If the text is inside another program, just copy and paste it into Word and then select it.
  2. Run What Is This Text Symbol tool (see above for information on where to find it).
  3. A new dialogue will provide you a list of every symbol contained in the selected text. You can then do the following:
    • Note the symbol's Unicode number in hexadecimal or decimal format. You can use this information on special web resources, on forums, to type this symbol with the keyboard (using Alt combination), etc.
    • Use one of the buttons below the list to get more information from special web resources (Fileformat.info and Unicode-table.com) or from Microsoft Word's Insert Symbol dialogue.


In some situations, the symbol you see is not actually a text symbol but a special symbol coming from a special font:
Special symbol from a symbol font
In this case you will see a decimal code of this symbol and the name of the special font that contains this symbol. For further information about the symbol, you can press More Information from Insert Symbol dialogue button.

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