To-Do – Documentation

To-Do tool icon To-Do tool helps you save important notes and action items related to a Word document that you are translating.

Detailed information about To-Do tool

How To-Do tool can help you in your work

  • Use this tool to keep any information related to the current document. This may be notes, unresolved translation issues, reminders, etc. These are stored directly in the document (see Technical details below for more info), but are invisible to other people unless they use TransTools.
  • Associate action items with specific text to quickly jump to the associated text when you need to resolve an action item.

Where to find the tool

To run To-Do tool, click To-Do item located in TransTools menu within TransTools ribbon in Word:

To-Do menu item

Using To-Do tool

When you run the tool, you will see the following dialogue:

Screenshot: To-Do dialogue

Here is a description of the dialogue's options:

  1. Item text: Enter text for the selected item here.
  2. Bookmark: Each To-Do item may contain a link to a bookmark within the document. Click Bookmark sel. to bookmark the current document's selection and associate this bookmark with the selected to-do item. If the bookmark already exists, use Go To button to jump to the bookmark, or Delete bookmark button to remove the bookmark from the document.
    Possible uses: you would like to go back to a particular place in the document after confirming its translation, etc.
  3. Item List: This area contains controls to manipulate all the To-Do items in the document. Select an item in the list to modify its text. Use Create new to create a new item, or Delete to delete the selected item.

To close the dialogue, click Close.

Technical details

All to-do items are stored within Microsoft Word variables. Even if you forget to remove to-do items before sending the file to the client, it will take strong technical knowledge (or use of TransTools :-) to retrieve this information.