Segmented Text Coloring Tool – Documentation

Segmented Text Coloring Tool icon Segmented Text Coloring Tool makes it easy to perform editing/proofreading of segmented documents produced by Wordfast Classic / Trados 2007. It applies color highlighting and text color to help you concentrate on matches of specific type and differentiate between source and target text.

Detailed information about Segmented Text Coloring Tool

How Segmented Text Coloring Tool can help you in your work

If you use Wordfast Classic or Trados 2007, or proofread translated documents in Trados Tag-delimited DOC format, it is much easier to work if you can quickly distinguish source text from target text and clearly see which segments require more attention depending on their match percentage. This way, you spend less time because you can see where the source and target text is and you can concentrate on segments which are below 100%.

Screenshot: Example of colored segmented text
Example: Segmented text was re-formatted to make it easier to see which segments are more important (yellow identifies low match percentage, green – medium, and gray – high match percentage) and where source text is (source text is dark-red).

Segmented Text Coloring Tool is a special tool designed for re-formatting (re-coloring) segmented documents prior to proofreading or translation. It performs two tasks:

  • highlights delimiters (e.g., {0>, <0} and <}0{>) with different colors (up to 4) depending on the segment match percentage, for example gray for 100-101%, bright green for 75-99%, and yellow for 0-74%.
  • (optional) changes the font color of the source text to distinguish it from target text.

Where to find the tool

To run Segmented Text Coloring Tool, open the document you want to re-color, then click Segmented Text Coloring Tool item located in TransTools menu within TransTools ribbon in Word:

Segmented Text Coloring Tool menu item

You will see the following dialogue:

Screenshot: Segmented Text Coloring Tool dialogue

Using Segmented Text Coloring Tool

By default, the following options will be pre-configured:

  • 100% or higher match – 25% gray highlight color
  • 75-99% match – bright green highlight color
  • 0-74% match – yellow highlight color
  • source text – do not change font color

You can change the colors or match percentage in the Default profile, or create your own profile by pressing + button. All your settings will be saved for later use when you re-color the document by pressing Continue. You can also mark a certain profile as default by checking “Default” checkbox, so that this profile is automatically selected when you run the tool.

Match percentage colors are configured as follows. You start from the top. First, specify the minimum percentage for the first percent range, for example 100%. This means that delimiters in segments which are marked as 100% or 101% will be highlighted using the 1st color. Then, specify the minimum percentage for the second percent range, for example 75%. This means that delimiters in segments which are marked as 75–99% (i.e., from 75% up to 100%, but not including 100%) will be highlighted using the 2nd color. Similarly, configure the other colors.
Note: it is not necessary to configure all 4 ranges. To have 3 ranges, simply enter 0% into the 3rd and 4th color ranges, so that the 3rd color range takes priority. You can configure only two ranges in the same way, by entering 0 in ranges 2, 3 and 4.

To configure the source text font color, select Leave As Is if you do not want to change the font color of source text, or choose a specific font color otherwise.

To re-color the current document, press Continue. You will get a message saying how many segments were colored.