Reset Find/Replace Dialogue Box – Documentation

Reset Find/Replace Dialogue Box tool restores the default settings of MS Word's Find & Replace dialogue, enabling you to use this dialogue for new search/replacement. This is useful if you use advanced search and replace settings manually or configure Find & Replace dialogue with some TransTools tools.

Detailed information about Reset Find/Replace Dialogue Box tool

How Reset Find/Replace Dialogue Box tool can help you in your work

This tool resets the settings of Word's Find & replace dialogue. The tool is necessary if you used 'Manual Localisation' or 'Configure clean-up/restore rule' tools, and you need to find or replace something else in the document after that. If you don't use this tool, the right text will not be found because of some advanced settings in the Find/replace dialogue box which are activated with the above tools.

Word's Find/Replace window before running this tool:

Screenshot: Before using the tool

Word's Find/Replace window after running this tool:

Screenshot: After using the tool

If you would like to know how to do the same manually, click here.

Where to find the tool

To run Reset Find/Replace Dialogue Box tool, use the appropriate menu item located in TransTools menu within TransTools ribbon in Word:

Reset Find/Replace Dialogue Box tool in the menu