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Change Language for PowerPoint tool icon Change Language tool sets the spellchecking language of an entire presentation or its parts to enable PowerPoint to identify all spelling errors correctly.

Detailed information about Change Language tool

How Change Language tool can help you in your work

A common requirement for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations is to change the spellchecking language of a presentation in order to check spelling or prevent red squiggly underlines in text marked with a wrong language. This is possible in Microsoft PowerPoint using the integrated Set Proofing Language command, but this command needs to be run on each slide separately, which may take a lot of time for big presentations.

Change Language tool makes it easy to apply a specific spellchecking language to an entire presentation or in selected slides, textboxes or text.

Where to find the tool

To run Change Language tool, click its button on Add-Ins ribbon in PowerPoint:

Change Language button on the ribbon

Using Change Language tool

When you open the tool, the following dialogue will appear:

Screenshot: Change Language dialogue

To change the language of the entire presentation, select “Entire presentation” from Where list. Use the following suboptions:

  • Slides – use this option to set the language in each slide
  • Notes – use this option to set the language in slide notes (if present)
  • Master slides – use this option to set the language in master slides (i.e., slide templates)

To change the language in selected slides, textboxes or selected text, select “Selection” from Where list. The note below the list will indicate which text will be processed by the tool. You can select individual slides, textboxes, or a range of text while the dialogue is open.

Then, select a specific language from the Language list or choose <Do not proof spelling> if you don't want PowerPoint to check spelling within specific text.

Click Change text language button to run the tool.

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