Paste Unformatted Text – Documentation

Paste Unformatted Text tool icon Paste Unformatted Text tool pastes text without formatting so that the pasted text assumes the formatting of the text where it is pasted.

Detailed information about Paste Unformatted Text tool

How Paste Unformatted Text tool can help you in your work

This tool allows you to paste text into the currently opened segment from Windows clipboard without any formatting. It uses Microsoft Word's built-in PasteUnformatted command.

The tool is extremely useful when you want to copy and paste text from other adjacent segments, other documents or from Translator's Workbench Concordance window. Among other things, this helps prevent copying of hidden formatting attribute - see Check for clean document for more info.

Click here if you would like to learn how to do the same using Word's functionality.

Where to find the tool

To run Paste Unformatted Text tool, click its button on TransTools ribbon in Word:

Paste Unformatted Text command in the menu

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