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Internal Text Copy & Paste commands icon Internal Text Copy & Paste commands copy selected text and paste previously copied text inside the same document without using Windows clipboard.

Detailed information about Internal Text Copy & Paste commands

How Internal Text Copy & Paste commands can help you in your work

These commands will be useful if you are unable to use Copy / Paste commands normally while working with SDL Trados 2007 Word Interface. Trados versions before SDL Trados 2007 used to overwrite the clipboard every time a segment was opened or closed. If your version of SDL Trados Word Interface is okay, this command will not be needed.

Some examples of when you might need these commands:

  • You have translated almost the entire segment and notice that it has a paragraph mark in the middle of the sentence. You want to copy the text you've already translated to the clipboard, restore the segment, remove the paragraph mark, and then paste the text from the clipboard. How can you do it when the clipboard will not have your text when the segment is re-opened? This is quite a dilemma.
  • You frequently come across the same text and just wish there was a way to avoid re-typing it.

It is possible to get around this limitation only by opening another Word document or another text editing application (e.g. Notepad) and using it as "clipboard". This is extra work which can be easily avoided with Save Selected Text and Insert Copied Text commands.

Where to find these commands

To run Internal Text Copy & Paste commands, use the appropriate menu items located in TransTools menu within TransTools ribbon in Word:

Internal Text Copy & Paste commands in the menu

Using Internal Text Copy & Paste commands

These two commands – Save selected text and Insert copied text – are equivalents of a normal clipboard (however, formatting is not supported). Select any text in Word, run 'Save selected text', place the cursor where you wish to insert the text, and run 'Insert copied text'.


  • This makeshift clipboard is shared by all documents opened from the same Word application instance.
  • The commands may be used in Microsoft Word only. They are entirely independent of the regular Windows clipboard.
  • The text will be copied without any formatting.

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