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Find Highlight tool icon Find Highlight tool allows you to jump between pieces of text highlighted with specific colors.

Detailed information about Find Highlight tool

How Find Highlight tool can help you in your work

Here are some scenarios where Find Highlight tool will be useful:

  • Many TransTools commands use color highlighting to mark text. This tool makes it simpler to review the highlighted text and make sure everything is correct.
  • Use different highlight colors during editing to mark different types of issues, and use this tool to navigate between issues of a specific type.
  • Mark text with highlights of specific colors in a document that already contains color highlighting, and navigate between these highlights while skipping original color highlighting.
  • When you work in a small team, use highlights of different colors for different team members and then navigate between highlights inserted by a specific person.

Where to find the tool

To run Find Highlight tool, click Find Highlight button on TransTools ribbon in Word:

Find Highlight button on TransTools ribbon

Using Find Highlight tool

Find Highlight searches the document for text highlighted with a specified color (or any color), and selects the first highlighted text fragment.

Depending on where you start, the command will search the document in this order: 1) text in each section of the main story, 2) footnotes, 3) endnotes, 4) comments, 5) textboxes in each section of the main story, 6) headers in all sections (including header textboxes), 7) footers in all sections (including footer textboxes).

Screenshot: Go To Next Highlight dialogue

  1. Start from beginning of document: Select this checkbox to start searching from the beginning of the document.
  2. Highlight colour: Select 'Any color' to search for any highlights, or choose a specific colour from the dropdown list.

Click Find Next to find the next fragment. To exit, click Close.

Added benefits

The tool is handy any time you want to find highlighted text (and not just after running TransTools commands). Use it to navigate fragments highlighted by your fellow translators, to clear highlights before issuing a document, etc.

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