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Excel Remove Highlight tool icon Remove Highlight tool helps you clear a specific fill color or any fill color from cells.

Detailed information about Remove Highlight tool

How Remove Highlight tool can help you in your work

When the worksheet has been processed with one of TransTools commands and checked by a translator, it's time to remove highlights used to mark found cells. This is where Remove Highlight comes in – it removes all highlights of a particular colour (as specified below).

Where to find the tool

To run Remove Highlight tool, click its button on TransTools ribbon in Excel:

Remove Highlight tool button on the ribbon

Using Remove Highlight tool


Screenshot: Remove Highlight dialogue

  1. Entire worksheet – select this option if you would like to remove highlights of a chosen color from cells and textboxes on the active worksheet.
  2. Selection – select this one if you want to remove highlights of a chosen color from the selection only. The selection may be a range of cells or a shape / several shapes.
  3. Highlight color – pick a desired colour from the list of predefined colours. If the background colour of a cell or textbox matches the chosen colour, it will be reset to 'No colour / No Fill' (i.e. White / Transparent).


  • Caution must be taken to select the same colour as the colour used when the document was checked with a TransTools command. Otherwise, it is possible that other highlights (perhaps those made by the original author of the document, which must be left intact) will be removed.
  • Sometimes original background colours (i.e. author's formatting) will be changed to new colours by a TransTools command. To restore the original background colours, consult the original document.

Undo support

This command is undoable. However, due to restrictions in Microsoft Excel, as soon as you use this tool, you will be able to undo only the latest action, and everything done before that will be forgotten. Please bear this in mind when using TransTools for Microsoft Excel, and keep a backup copy of the spreadsheet that you are processing with TransTools.

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