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Excel Language Check tool icon Language Check for Excel makes it easy to verify that the translated spreadsheet does not have words that contain letters written in the source language alphabet. This is very important when translating from languages that use Cyrillic letters to languages that use Latin letters, since some of these letters look the same.

Detailed information about Language Check tool

How Language Check tool can help you in your work

This tool checks whether all text in the worksheet or selection is fully translated from source language to target language (for specific language pairs only), and changes the background color of cells containing "overlooked" text.

In order to use this tool, the source language (from which the text was translated) and the target language (into which the text was translated) must be from different language groups (i.e. having entirely different alphabets). Here is a quick list of different language groups that are supported:

Language group Languages
Western English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Scandinavian languages, Finnish, Eastern Baltic languages (Lithuanian and Latvian), Estonian, Central European languages (except Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian), Turkish , modern Azerbaijani, etc.
Cyrillic Russian, Ukrainian, Belarussian, Bulgarian, Serbian (Cyrillic script), Macedonian
Greek Greek
Armenian Armenian
Georgian Georgian

[!] The tool does not work with complex script languages: East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), South East Asian (Thai, Vietnamese, etc), Arabic languages, etc.

Here is when the tool can be useful:

  • Due to cell formatting, text may be hidden below another cell or completely hidden from view (e.g. when the cell's Wrap Text setting is off).
  • Due to Excel's limited text editing capabilities, it is possible to skip text during translation.

Sample – Results of Language Check tool

Screenshot: Results of Language Check tool

The example above was translated from Russian to English and then checked using Language Check tool (settings: Entire worksheet, Yellow highlight colour). The tool found one cell (no wrapping) whose text extends all the way from left to right – the "untranslated" text is enclosed in a red circle.

Where to find the tool

To run Language Check tool, click its button on TransTools ribbon in Excel:

Language Check tool button on the ribbon

Using Language Check tool


Screenshot: Check Translation dialogue

  1. Direction : Select the direction in which the spreadsheet was translated (Source Language -> Target Language format). For example, if the text was translated from Russian to English, select Russian -> English. For help on configuring available language pairs, please refer to TransTools configuration section.
  2. Entire worksheet – select this if you want to check the entire active worksheet.
  3. Selection – select this if you want to check the selected range only. The selection may be a selected range, a textbox or a group of shapes containing textboxes.
  4. Highlight color – choose a pre-defined colour to be used for highlighting cells. Note: Make sure that the color you selected is not already used in the worksheet as a cell background color, otherwise you will not be able to restore the original background after proofreading (see Remove Highlight command).
  5. Evaluate formulas – this option allows you to check text of cells containing formulas. Spreadsheets often contain calculated cells whose contents rely on the contents of other cells. If this option is used, TransTools will highlight cells with 'untranslated' text. Unless this option is on, TransTools ignores calculated cells.

When the appropriate options have been selected, click Continue. To exit, click Cancel.


  • Because Excel has no equivalent to Word's highlight colour, the tool changes the cells' background colour instead. You will have to find the 'untranslated' text yourself.
  • Use 'Remove Highlight' tool to reset the chosen background colour to 'No colour'. You can do the same manually as explained here.

Undo support

This command is undoable. However, due to restrictions in Microsoft Excel, as soon as you use this tool, you will be able to undo only the latest action, and everything done before that will be forgotten. Please bear this in mind when using TransTools for Microsoft Excel, and keep a backup copy of the spreadsheet that you are processing with TransTools.

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