Find Excessive Spaces – Documentation

Find Excessive Spaces tool finds cells that contain an excessive number of spaces, usually used to break text to another line, and marks them with a specific fill color. You can then replace these spaces with line breaks manually or by using Remove Excessive Spaces tool.

Detailed information about Find Excessive Spaces tool

How Find Excessive Spaces tool can help you in your work

This tool finds and highlights cells which contain sequences of 5 or more contiguous spaces. Usually such spaces are inserted instead of line breaks to wrap text to another line in a cell. This results in the following issues:

  • Incorrect segmentation in your CAT tool: a segment may contain several sentences because these sentences are separated by spaces instead of a line break. Unless you split such segments, you will get low TM matches and create TM segments that will hardly be usable for future translations.

    Example of a cell where spaces are used to word-wrap lines (spaces are underlined, the cell is made wider intentionally). This cell will be segmented as 1 segment (and not 4 as it should be):
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  • When the translated Excel file is generated by the CAT tool, the spaces will no longer wrap text correctly because the width of translated segments will never be the same as in the original document.
  • If you translate Excel spreadsheets directly (without using CAT software), extra editing is required to reformat the spreadsheet before or after translation.

In order to avoid potential problems, use Find Excessive Spaces tool to locate cells with such contiguous spaces and then use Remove Excessive Spaces to replace them with line breaks.

Where to find the tool

To run Find Excessive Spaces tool, click its button on TransTools ribbon in Excel:

Find Excessive Spaces tool button on the ribbon

Using Find Excessive Spaces tool

When you run the tool, you will see the following dialogue:

Screenshot: Find Spaces dialogue

  1. Entire worksheet – select this option if you would like to highlight cells on the active worksheet.
  2. Selection – select this one if you want to highlight selected cells only.
  3. Highlight color – pick a desired colour from the list of predefined colours. If a cell contains contiguous spaces, it will be highlighted with this colour. Be careful to select a colour that contrasts with background colours that are already in use in the worksheet.

When the appropriate options have been selected, click Continue. To exit, click Cancel.

After you check all the highlighted cells and fix the wrong formatting using Remove Excessive Spaces tool, you can remove highlights with Remove Highlight tool.

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