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Copy All Selected Text tool icon Copy All Selected Text tool copies all the currently selected text, including hidden text, to the clipboard.

Detailed information about Copy All Selected Text tool

How Copy All Selected Text tool can help you in your work

For some reason, Microsoft Word may not allow copying text containing both hidden (source segment) and non-hidden (target segment) text at the same time. This behaviour does not affect all Microsoft Office setups, but it is quite frequent.

This command allows you to circumvent this problem by copying both the source and the target text and placing it into Windows clipboards. Note: formatting is not copied!

The tool can be used in the following cases:

  • You would like to copy a portion of the bilingual segment to add to your glossary file;
  • You would like to copy some hidden text and paste it into the current open segment (i.e. the pasted text will not have hidden formatting).

Where to find the tool

To run Copy All Selected Text tool, click its button located on TransTools ribbon in Word:

Copy All Selected Text menu item

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