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Check For Clean Document tool icon Check For Clean Document tool checks whether the current Word document was properly cleaned after a translation session using Wordfast Classic or Trados 2007, i.e. whether the source text and delimiters were removed from the document. It navigates to the first problem area if uncleaned text is found.

Detailed information about Check For Clean Document tool

How Check For Clean Document tool can help you in your work

This useful tool allows you to check whether the document was properly cleaned by SDL Trados 2007 (when the Word document was translated directly in Microsoft Word) or Wordfast Classic. It checks every part of the document for SDL Trados 2007 / Wordfast Classic formatting (i.e. text marked with Trados 2007 / Wordfast specific styles such as tw4winMark, tw4winError, etc, or with font attribute) and selects the first found instance (for further formatting, deleting, etc.).

Here is when this tool can be useful:

  • For some reason, SDL Trados 2007 is very inconsistent when it comes to cleaning headers/footers, textboxes, etc.
  • When you are batch cleaning a number of files, it's very easy to miss the 'Cleaning error' message (it appears in Translator's Workbench status bar for about a second).
    Screenshot: Cleaning error in SDL Trados Translator's Workbench
    This error means that formatting around a particular block of text became corrupted, and SDL Trados 2007 marks the text with a rather conspicuous green arrow (») . However, it is always possible to overlook such things when you are in a hurry.
  • Sometimes even when the document is cleaned, some of the translated text may be marked with the Hidden attribute. This prevents the client from seeing some of the translated text (normally, hidden text is not displayed in Word unless the appropriate option is set under Word Options) - with obvious consequences. Possible causes of this are:
    • You have copied hidden text from other parts in the Word document into another segment;
    • You used Trados 2007 Concordance dialogue to find similar text and copied the results into the current segment. For some reason, this text may have the Hidden attribute once it is pasted into the document.

Where to find the tool

To run Check For Clean Document tool, click Check For Clean Document item located in TransTools menu within TransTools ribbon in Word:

Check For Clean Document menu item

Using Check For Clean Document tool

When you run Check for clean document, it searches the document for SDL Trados 2007 / Wordfast Classic specific styles and selects the first match. The appropriate message is also shown in Word's status bar:

Screenshot: Notification message - SDL Trados / Wordfast Classic formatting found

If the document contains no Trados 2007 / Wordfast Classic formatting, you will see the following notification message:

Screenshot: Notification message - Nothing found