Bookmark commands – Documentation

Bookmark commands icon Set Bookmark and Go To Bookmark commands make it easy to bookmark the current selection with one of two predefined bookmarks and to return to them later.

Detailed information about Bookmark commands

How Bookmark commands can help you in your work

These commands allow you to remember the current document location with a bookmark and return to it later.

Where to find the commands

To run the Bookmark commands, use the menu located on TransTools ribbon in Word:

Bookmark command buttons

Using the Bookmark commands

Set bookmark 1 / 2

These commands mark the current document location with a bookmark. They create bookmarks named TEMP1 (for ' Set bookmark 1') or TEMP2 (for 'Set bookmark 2') at the current location (selection). As any other bookmark, this bookmark will be saved with the document, so you can return to it any time.

Note: if you are using SDL Trados 2007 Word Interface or Wordfast Classic, be aware that you should not create a bookmark within a segment, otherwise it will be removed when the segment is opened or closed. The best way is to place the caret between segments like shown below (red circle) and then run the command.

Screenshot: Correct selection for inserting bookmark (Trados/Wordfast users)

Go to bookmark 1 / 2

These two commands restore the selection which was previously marked by 'Set bookmark 1' and 'Set bookmark 2', respectively.


Both bookmarks created with these commands may be manipulated (navigated, deleted) just like any other bookmark:

  • Word 2007 or later: Click Bookmark button in the Links group of Insert tab:
    Screenshot: Finding Bookmark command in Word 2007 or later
    Screenshot: Insert Bookmark dialogue in Word 2007 or later
  • Word 2003 or earlier: Click Insert -> Bookmark...
    Screenshot: Insert Bookmark dialogue in Word 2003 or earlier