Forget-me-not licensing information

Forget-me-not may be used during 30 days after its first use without any limitations. When this initial 30-day period is over, you need a valid license. You can buy a license here.

A license may be activated on up to 3 different computers belonging to the same individual or employee. When a license is activated, the program contacts the activation server on Forget-me-not website. If you have already activated the same license on 3 computers, you will not be able to activate this license unless you deactivate the license on another computer first.

To view the activated license, click About Forget-me-not on the ribbon of Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint, or click Help > About Forget-me-not in Document Analysis Wizard dialogue if you use the standalone version:

About Forget-me-not dialogue

The dialogue displays the registration name and the license code.

To deactivate a license, click Deactivate license button on About Forget-me-not dialogue. If you are using the standalone version, you can also click Help > Deactivate license... in Document Analysis Wizard dialogue. You will be prompted to confirm the action, and following a confirmation the license will be deactivated. During deactivation the program contacts the Activation website, so you need an Internet connection.

To activate a license, click Register the program... button on About Forget-me-not dialogue or by clicking Help > Register the program... in Document Analysis Wizard dialogue if you are using the standalone version. You will see License Registration dialogue:

License activation

If you don't have a license name and code, click Obtain License Code button in order to purchase a license.

When you have the license name and code, paste them individually into Registration name and License code fields.
Click Register and Activate License button to activate the license. You need an Internet connection to do so.
Unless you have already activated this license on 3 computers, the license will be activated successfully and the dialogue will be closed.

If you have trouble registering your license, click Report an Issue button to send an email to the support team.

To view Forget-me-not License Agreement, go here.