Forget-me-not installation and system requirements

To install Forget-me-not, download the Automatic Installer first, and then follow the installation guidelines below.

The Automatic Installer is a quick and easy way to install Forget-me-not.

System requirements: Windows XP/Vista or greater, Microsoft Office XP or greater.

No administrator privileges are required to install Forget-me-not.

The Automatic Installer will install the add-in, standalone program and configuration files to two user-specific locations:

  • Add-in, standalone program and application files:
    • Windows Vista/Windows 7:
    • Windows XP/2000:
      C:\Documents and Settings\<your_user_name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Forget-me-not
  • Configuration files and logs:
    • Windows Vista/Windows 7:
    • Windows XP/2000:
      C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Forget-me-not

During the installation process, you may get the following feedback from the Installer:

  1. Warning messages like "Microsoft Word is running. Close it to continue". These messages mean that the add-in cannot be installed at the moment because another version of the same add-in is already in use by Microsoft Word. If you get such messages, follow the instructions (i.e. close the program that is using the add-in) and click the Next button.
  2. Critical error page. If you encounter this page, Forget-me-not cannot be installed. Possible reasons: incorrect version of Windows.

If everything is okay and the installation has been successful, you will be presented with a Finish page. From this page, you may choose to read post-installation instructions, which are also available here.

On completion, a directory will be created under the current user's Start Menu. This directory contains shortcuts to the standalone version of Forget-me-not, Documentation, Post-installation Instructions, Translator Tools website, and Uninstaller (for removing Forget-me-not from the system).

For more information on running Forget-me-not, use post-installation instructions.