How to activate word wrap in a cell range

March 08, 2011

When you translate Excel spreadsheets or otherwise change cell values, you may discover that some text becomes partially hidden as it runs into the cells on the right or flows beyond the printable page extents. This occurs because word wrap for this particular cell is deactivated. Here is how you can activate word wrap for individual cells or cell ranges:

  • Excel 2007 or later: Select a range of cells (or just one cell) and:

    • Right-click and select Format Cells... from the menu. Enable 'Wrap text' option in the Format Cells dialogue.

      Screenshot: Wrap Text option in Excel 2007 or later
    • Enable Wrap Text option from Alignment group on the Home tab:

      Screenshot: Wrap Text option on Excel 2007 toolbar

  • Excel 2003 or earlier: To open Format Cells dialogue, right-click a selected range and 1) select Format Cells... or 2) choose Format -> Cells... from Excel menu

    Enable 'Wrap text' option to activate word wrapping in the selected cell range.

    Screenshot: Wrap Text option in Excel 2003 or earlier

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