How to find out your Windows user name

June 12, 2011

Knowing your Windows user name allows you to navigate to various user folders. Here is how you can quickly get your Windows user name:

Option 1: Normally, if your computer logs you in automatically (e.g., on a home network), go into the control panel (on Windows XP/2000/Me - press Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> User Accounts; on Windows Vista / Windows 7 - press the Windows icon, choose Control Panel, and select User Accounts). You will see a list of user accounts. Usually you will have just one active user account (it is a coloured icon). Note the name next to the icon.
Screenshot: User Accounts control panel

Option 2: If you see a log-in screen on computer start-up, note your user name from this screen.

Option 3: On a corporate network, your user name is the name you type on the Windows log-in screen above the password.

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