How to open Find and Replace dialogue in Microsoft Word

May 01, 2010

Article imageIf you want to find text in Microsoft Word, you may be tempted to click Find button in Word ribbon, or press Ctrl+F. This opens the Navigation Pane, which allows you to find text inside the whole document. However, the Navigation Pane is not convenient for finding text since all search results are cleared as soon as you make a change to the document. Instead of using the Navigation Pane, I recommend you to use Find & Replace dialogue, which provides a lot of power during searching.

  • Word 2007 or later: choose Find or Replace from the Editing group on the Home tab:

    Word 2007 Find group
  • Word 2003 or earlier: click Edit -> Find or Edit -> Replace menu (or switch between the Find and Replace tabs on the Find and Replace dialogue);

If you want to search the document for multiple words and phrases, or use regular expressions during searching and replacement, check out Multiple Find & Replace tool. It allows you to find hundreds of words and phrases simultaneously, preview replacements before they are made, use powerful .NET regular expressions for finding or replacing text, and do much more.

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