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TransTools+ v.2.3: new Author Anonymizer tool and small improvements

February 06, 2024

Version 2.3 of TransTools+ has been released.

This release introduces a new tool which will be very useful for anyone who deals with tracked changes in Word documents — Author Anonymizer. Author Anonymizer modifies author information in tracked changes, comments and document properties in Word documents in order to anonymize real names or correct them. Using this tool, you can quickly replace names of one or several users, e.g. translators or editors, in multiple documents so that your customer sees ‘Translator’ or a name of your choice. This way, you can hide the real names of translators/editors from the customer, expose a single common name like ‘Translator’ to the customer to improve coordination, do so because of customer requirements, or even correct mistakes in author names.

Main page of Author Anonymizer

With this tool, you no longer need to remember to set the correct name in Word Options before starting your work on a Word document. Update any document at any time. It can also process multiple documents simultaneously.

The new version also contains a number of fixes and improvements covered on the Version History page.

Download the latest version of TransTools+ here.

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