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Translator Tools Newsletter #45: Introducing TransTools Migration Utility and TransTools v.3.33

December 28, 2023

Welcome to the 45th edition of Translator Tools Newsletter. My best wishes to you and your families for the coming 2024. Let the next year bring all of you peace, health, prosperity, and happiness.

In this newsletter, I would like to introduce a new tool for TransTools+ and TransTools users called TransTools Migration Utility, as well as a new release of TransTools.

TransTools Migration Utility – back up and restore TransTools+ and TransTools configuration settings

As a user of TransTools+ or TransTools, you may need to restore the configuration settings of these programs on the same or different computer – in order to transfer your settings to a colleague, restore your set-up after a computer upgrade or system failure, etc. The new TransTools Migration Utility is a free standalone program designed to back up and restore TransTools+/TransTools settings and configuration files quickly and easily.

Selecting the required operation
Selecting the required operation on the main screen of TransTools Migration Utility

TransTools Migration Utility is very easy to use: select whether you want to create a migration pack (i.e. back up TransTools+/TransTools settings and configuration files) or restore from a migration pack, select the location of the migration pack you would like to create or restore from, and select the tools whose settings you want to back up or restore. When you create a migration pack, TransTools Migration Utility creates a single ZIP file containing all the settings and configuration files for TransTools+/TransTools tools you selected, and this file is all that is needed in order to restore TransTools+/TransTools settings.

One useful feature of TransTools Migration Utility is backing up and restoring the settings of specific TransTools+/TransTools tools rather than all the existing tools, which can be handy in a number of scenarios.

Selecting tools to apply settings/configuration files on the current system
Selecting the tools to be restored from a migration pack

Using TransTools Migration Utility, you can quickly get up and running with TransTools+ and TransTools on a new computer, improve teamwork with your colleagues, and easily back up your settings, so be sure to check it out!

Installing TransTools Migration Utility

There are two ways to install TransTools Migration Utility:

  1. Download the latest installation file for TransTools or TransTools+ and install it. TransTools Migration Utility is included in TransTools v.3.32 and TransTools+ 2.2 (if you are using version 2) or 1.11 (if you are still using version 1), or in any newer versions of these packages. Once you have installed TransTools or TransTools+, the easiest way to find TransTools Migration Utility is to use Windows Search bar or the search field in Windows Start menu, typing "TransTools Migration Utility".
  2. Download a separate ZIP package containing TransTools Migration Utility and unzip it to a folder of your choice. You will then be able to run TransTools Migration Utility by double-clicking MigrationUtility.exe executable file.

Please consult TransTools Migration Utility documentation regarding its installation and system requirements.

TransTools version 3.33 released

The new version of TransTools contains a number of small updates which fix bugs and improve usability. Updates have been made to TransTools for Word, TransTools for AutoCAD and TransTools for Visio. For the detailed list of updates, consult the version history page.

I hope you have found this information useful. See you in future newsletters. To stay up to date on TransTools+, TransTools suite and Forget-me-not, don’t forget to subscribe to Translator Tools social channels on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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