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Translator Tools Newsletter #41: new tool for quick document formatting - DTP Tools

September 15, 2021

Welcome to Translator Tools Newsletter #41. In this newsletter, I would like to announce the release of TransTools+ v.1.7 introducing a new tool for quick document formatting – DTP Tools, as well as other updates.

DTP Tools – new tool for quick document formatting

As translation professionals and DTP specialists, we often need to format documents, either before translation as it usually happens with documents converted from PDFs, or after translation to ensure that the translated text looks fine. When this happens, we find ourselves applying the same formatting to text in different parts of a document or in different documents. This is tedious and time-consuming.

DTP Tools included in the recently released TransTools+ v.1.7 is a toolset for quick formatting of Word documents. Its first sub-tool called Selection Tools helps you format selected document text by using ad-hoc or preset formatting commands. With Selection Tools, it is easy to create a formatting command which will apply specific formatting to selected text, and then execute this command on any selected text by clicking a button or pressing a shortcut key. On top of that, Selection Tools provides several built-in commands that you can use to perform more advanced actions: convert selected fields into editable text, remove bookmarks from selected text, etc. The approach offered by Selection Tools makes it a snap to format Word documents converted from PDF files, format long documents or similar documents, etc.

Sample list of formatting commands
Sample list of formatting commands which shows 2 ad-hoc commands for formatting headings and normal body text, and 2 built-in command for removing paragraph shading and text shading.

DTP Tools will be essential for DTP engineers working on Word documents converted from PDF files. When doing so, a DTP engineer needs to format a Word document as close to the original PDF file as possible by applying specific formatting to relevant parts of the document. In a typical converted document, the engineer either needs to apply formatting manually to each fragment of text, or copy formatting from one part of a document to another one in multiple iterations. With DTP Tools, the job becomes a lot easier: 1) apply specific formatting to a single paragraph or selected text, 2) create a new formatting command based on the pre-formatted text and select which formatting parameters should be saved to the command, and 3) run the formatting command any time you encounter text which must be formatted in this way.

Here are some useful DTP Tools features that you should appreciate:

  1. Assign a keyboard shortcut to a command and press it to execute the command quickly.
  2. Use any number of lists to keep formatting commands for each specific formatting scenario, document or set of documents.
  3. Copy commands between lists to create a new list based on previously created commands.
  4. Re-use a built-in list of predefined formatting commands designed for various common actions: remove text shading, remove bookmarks, convert fields to text, etc. This list will be extended in future versions of TransTools+.

Other recent updates

There have been a number of updates since the previous newsletter:

What’s coming in future releases of TransTools+?

The next versions of TransTools+ will include new tools for working with tracked changes, updates in DTP Tools, and more. As usual, other powerful features are in the works so watch future issues of this newsletter closely. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter.

Evaluating and buying TransTools+

TransTools+ does not require TransTools suite to be installed and can be installed side by side with it.

You can use any tool that is part of TransTools+ without limitations for 30 days. To continue using it after that, you will need to buy a license at a very affordable price.

TransTools+ is not distributed under the annual subscription model which has become so common these days. Your license will be valid for the current major version of TransTools+, and new major versions will be released approximately every 2 years. All updates within the current major version will be free of charge, and you will also get technical support. You may activate TransTools+ licenses on up to 3 computers simultaneously provided that these computers belong to the same individual or employee.

Download TransTools+ today and enjoy this software which will make you even more productive!

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