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New version of Forget-me-not and updates in TransTools

December 21, 2020

Season's greetings to you! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Let the new year bring you health, joy and prosperity!

Updates in TransTools

Recently, a number of improvements have been made in TransTools:

  • Dual Language Document Assistant (tool for converting single-language Word documents to dual-language documents, e.g. contracts or reports): fixed issues on Office 365 systems which prevented conversion of selected text to a dual-language table. Some other issues were also resolved.
  • Spellcheck Assistant (tool for changing spellchecking language and processing spelling errors in Word documents): if spelling errors are hidden in the document or “Check Spelling As You Type” setting is deactivated, Spellcheck Assistant now changes the settings so that you can see spelling errors.
  • Some other updates (see the full list here).

Forget-me-not: PowerPoint support and other new features

Around two months ago, I released Forget-me-not, a new program which helps translate Microsoft Office files efficiently and without overlooking anything (see the initial announcement here). Forget-me-not analyzes Microsoft Office files and produces reports containing the following useful information:

  1. How to change the import settings of your CAT tool to import the right content. By default, your CAT tool will ignore some types of content within the imported documents, e.g. comments in Word documents or notes attached to PowerPoint slides. Using the report produced by Forget-me-not, you will know about such content from the start, and so you will import the document into your CAT tool correctly and provide an accurate quote to the customer.
  2. Which content cannot be translated with your CAT tool and how to translate it outside your CAT tool. Your CAT tool cannot translate images, some types of embedded objects, equation text and some other content, depending on the CAT tool and the file format. For example, memoQ cannot import document properties in Word documents, and even if your customer may not want you to translate them, these properties are sometimes displayed within the body of the document using fields. Forget-me-not will tell you about such content and explain how to translate it from within the Microsoft Office program. With this information, you can prepare better quotes and avoid surprises at the last minute.
  3. How to prepare a document before and after translation in your CAT tool. Many files need preparation before translation in the CAT tool and, more importantly, after exporting the translated document from the CAT tool. For example, before translation, you may need to replace some incorrect tab characters with spaces in Word documents converted from PDFs; you also need to format translated Word documents so that the text inside fixed-height textboxes and tables is fully visible. The report produced by Forget-me-not will tell you about such things so you can perform the right procedures before and after working with the files inside your CAT tool.

Forget-me-not produces a report in two formats: a table-like summary report which gives you an overview of what needs your attention, and a detailed translation instructions report which provides detailed instructions for handling specific content: importing it into your CAT tool, translating outside the CAT tool and file preparation before/after the CAT tool. By using these reports, freelance translators and LSP project managers can prepare more accurate translation quotes, save time at all stages of the translation process, and avoid surprises.

Sample summary report with explanations
Sample summary report produced for one Word document. Target CAT tool: memoQ.

Translation Instructions Report: list of content, notes and import instructions
Translation instructions report showing list of content, notes and import instructions. Target CAT tool: SDL Trados Studio

In the latest version of Forget-me-not, you will find a number of new features:

  1. PowerPoint support.

    You can now analyze PowerPoint presentations (PPTX, PPT and other formats) in the standalone program and from the new PowerPoint plug-in. PowerPoint presentations can be tricky because they may contain Excel charts and other embedded objects, diagrams, images, slide notes, slide comments, hidden slides, master slides and other content which your CAT tool does not import by default or ignores altogether. Forget-me-not will give you an accurate summary of all this content, including the corresponding text, word count, location in the presentation, as well as detailed instructions for changing your CAT tool's import settings and translating this content outside the CAT tool.

    Summary report for a sample PowerPoint document

  2. Manual Translation Wordcount section in Translation Instructions Report.

    In this new section at the top of Translation Instructions Report, you will see the number of words and characters in the text which cannot be translated with your CAT tool. For example, if you are using memoQ to translate a Word document containing form elements such as text fields and dropdown lists, you will not be able to translate some of this content within memoQ, and so the word count for this content will be reflected in the Manual Translation Wordcount section. This section will also tell you how many elements could not be included in the word count because translatable text could not be extracted from them -- this usually concerns images and embedded objects.

    Manual Translation Wordcount section in the full report

  3. Improvements in the handling of embedded objects.

    Embedded objects and embedded Excel charts are very tricky. Some of these are linked to external files so you need to request these files from your customer if you want to translate text rather than images. If you decide to translate embedded objects in your CAT tool (which can be done with memoQ and SDL Trados Studio), you will also need to update the image of the embedded object displayed in the final document since the CAT tool does not do this. Also, you need to remember that embedded objects may contain a lot of text which cannot be seen in the document that contains the embedded objects, so you need to be careful to translate only the things you can see in the document. Forget-me-not will report about all these considerations.

You can see a detailed list of latest changes here.

For more information about Forget-me-not, go here. Download the recent version and evaluate this program without any limitations for 30 days.

What’s coming in future releases of Forget-me-not?

Forget-me-not is a new product with a lot of features in store. Here are some immediate plans:

  • Ability to specify your custom import settings for those of you who do not use default import settings (e.g. via project templates or custom import configuration).
  • Support for Excel files.
  • Additional types of content that require attention, for example paragraphs in Word documents which contain several different font sizes, fonts or font colors in the same paragraph (commonly present in documents produced by OCR or PDF conversion, and usually causing excessive tags in CAT tools).

Other features are in the works so watch future issues of Translator Tools newsletter closely.

As always, I invite you to provide feedback about features that you would like to see in Forget-me-not and I will take it into account in future releases.

Evaluating and buying Forget-me-not

You can use Forget-me-not without limitations for 30 days. To continue using it after that, you will need to buy a license at a very affordable price.

Forget-me-not is not distributed under the annual subscription model which has become so common these days. Your license will be valid for the current major version of Forget-me-not, and new major versions will be released approximately every 2 years. All updates within the current major version will be free of charge, and you will also get technical support. You may activate Forget-me-not licenses on up to 3 computers simultaneously provided that these computers belong to the same employee or individual.


Download Forget-me-not today and enjoy this software which will make you even more productive!

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