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Forget-me-not v.1.1: support for PowerPoint files and more

December 17, 2020

Version 1.1 of Forget-me-not has been released. It adds several new features which will be very useful for translators and project managers:

  1. Support for PowerPoint presentations. You can now analyze PowerPoint files from PowerPoint (using a special plug-in) or using the standalone application.
  2. New useful section in the Document Content Report: Manual Translation Wordcount. This section provides word and character counts for the text that cannot be translated with your CAT tool and so needs manual translation. You can now see how many words and characters need to be translated manually. The section also gives you helpful information about the number of elements (e.g. images, embedded objects, properties, etc.) in which this text is located, so that you can estimate your effort more accurately.
  3. For embedded objects, the Document Content Report now provides instructions about updating the display image of the embedded objects in the final documents if translated inside your CAT tool.
  4. There is better support for embedded objects that are linked to external files.
  5. Other useful enhancements and some bug fixed.

For more information go here.

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