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Version history


Current version of TransTools for Word: 2.15.

Release details Summary

Program Version: 2.15

Release date: 21/02/2019

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.19

Document contents were cleared by Document Cleaner on some Microsoft Office installations (very rare). This is now fixed.

Program Version: 2.14

Release date: 25/01/2019

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.18

Support for call-out shapes (call-out textboxes) across all tools.

Program Version: 2.13

Release date: 04/12/2017

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.16

New tag cleaning option in Tag Cleaner command (Document Cleaner tool): “Replace special symbols with regular characters where appropriate”. When this option is activated, Tag Cleaner finds special symbols from Symbol, Wingdings and some other symbol fonts (these symbols are displayed as tags in your CAT tool) and replaces them with characters from standard fonts, if such symbol is also present in standard fonts. This reduces the number of tags in your CAT tool.

Thanks to Érico Carvalho for sponsoring this feature.

Program Version: 2.12

Release date: 08/11/2017

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.15

Several notable improvements in Document Cleaner:

  • Bookmark-specific options in Tag Cleaner now remove bookmarks correctly. If you check “Remove Excessive Bookmarks” option and activate “Not referenced from inside document” suboption, Tag Cleaner now removes all bookmarks which are not referred to from fields or hyperlinks inside the document, including hidden bookmarks. If you activate “TOC bookmarks” suboption, the command removes all bookmarks used by tables of contents, even if these tables of contents were generated without following Microsoft guidelines.
  • A new quick action called “Editing – Convert hyperlinks to text (selection)” was added under Other Tools / Quick Actions tab. If you come across a document where there are a lot of hyperlinks and it is not important to keep these hyperlinks clickable, or the document contains a lot of hyperlinks copied from legal reference systems, etc., you may want to remove hyperlinks in order to reduce the amount of tags in CAT tools. This command works on selected text only.
  • A new quick action called “Editing – Remove all bookmarks (including hidden bookmarks)” was added under Other Tools / Quick Actions tab. This command, unlike the preceding command, removes absolutely all bookmarks from the document. This helps eliminate excessive tags caused by bookmarks in CAT tools.

Program Version: 2.11.1

Release date: 15/06/2017

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.14.2

  • Dual-Language Document Assistant – added two additional separators for Convert to Dual-Language Text command: ‘Slash + Line break’ and ‘Slash + Paragraph break’.
  • Document Cleaner – one of the Tag Cleaner options was not saved to a profile. The bug was fixed.

Program Version: 2.11

Release date: 26/02/2017

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.14

  • Remove Highlight – added a new option – “Remove all colors except selected”. When this option is activated, the tool clears all highlights except highlights in the selected color.
  • Document Cleaner – several new features and improvements:
    1. Added a new Autoformat command called “Set Text Wrapping to None for all tables”. When this option is activated, the Text Wrapping of all tables is changed to None. This helps prevent table layout problems in some documents produced by OCR and PDF conversion tools.
    2. Added several extra cell alignment options for “Use consistent cell alignment for all tables” command (Autoformat tool).
    3. Fixed a bug in Tag Cleaner which caused text borders to be applied to all paragraph text or cleared.
    4. Made minor enhancements in “Editing – Correct formatting of numbered list markers (document)” command (Quick Actions tool). The command now copies all font attributes from the paragraph to the list marker.
    5. The last selected non-default profile can now be loaded whenever you re-open Document Cleaner (if the user confirms this).
  • Dual-Language Document Assistant – the last selected non-default profile can now be loaded whenever you re-open Dual-Language Document Assistant (if the user confirms this).

Thanks to Vladimir Sankov for his valuable suggestions.

Program Version: 2.10.1

Release date: 21/02/2017

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.13.2

  • Fixed a bug in Dual-Language Document Assistant: in some documents, not all paragraphs were duplicated if the Separator was set to Paragraph Break.
  • Fixed a bug in Multiple Replace: the tool no longer ignores the initial order of replacement items in which the Use Wildcards option is activated.

Program Version: 2.10

Release date: 29/10/2016

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.13

  • Collect All Graphics From Document command has been updated significantly. The command now works reliably, extracting pictures / images and embedded objects from all parts of the Word document (and not only the document body as it did before). Each graphical object is preceded by its page number (if the displayed page number is different from the sequential page index, both are displayed). If the graphical object was extracted from a header or footer, “Header” or “Footer” is displayed instead of page number. A summary of graphical objects that were extracted or skipped by the command is included at the beginning of the generated document.
  • Previously, in most situations, Unbreaker inserted a space if it deleted a paragraph or line break between words, which is incorrect for CJK languages (except Korean). This is now fixed.
  • Added two macros that can be run in silent mode in order to clean tags from the active Word document:
    • Trans_CleanTagsDefault cleans tags with default Tag Cleaner options (reset spacing and shading, remove hyphens, change black font color to automatic font color, convert character styles to direct formatting, remove unreferenced bookmarks).
    • Trans_CleanTagsDefaultPlusNormalizeFontColor cleans tags with default Tag Cleaner options (reset spacing and shading, remove hyphens, change black font color to automatic font color, convert character styles to direct formatting, remove unreferenced bookmarks) and also normalize font color
    You can use these macros to automate tag cleaning using Application.Run method in Word.

Program Version: 2.9.1

Release date: 21/08/2016

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.12.1

Unbreaker worked incorrectly in pure text files opened in Microsoft Word. This is now fixed.

Program Version: 2.9

Release date: 06/08/2016

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.12

  • Unbreaker: 1) Breaks between two footnotes or endnotes are now ignored; 2) Breaks between numbers are ignored.
  • Document Cleaner:
    1. If Remove empty paragraphs command is used, Autoformat tool also removes empty paragraphs at the very beginning of the document and at the end of table cells.
    2. By default, Autoformat tool now applies Yellow highlighting to textboxes if Clearly identify all textboxes command is used, and White fill color option was added to the list of possible textbox fill colors to make it easier to restore default fill color across all textboxes.
    3. Format all text in one text column command (Autoformat tool) now applies a single text column to all document sections in all cases.
  • Spellcheck Assistant: the user can now create a list of spelling errors for the entire document or the selected text (previously, it was only possible to do this for the entire document).

Program Version: 2.8.7

Release date: 04/06/2016

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.11.1

  • Dual Language Document Assistant: paragraph styles were not always fully respected in generated dual-language tables due to an issue with Convert Text to Table built-in Word command. A new option called “Respect paragraph styles” (off by default) makes sure that paragraph styles are re-applied after the paragraphs are converted into a table. This way, indentation properties of the original paragraph styles applied to the original text are properly applied in the dual-language text.

Program Version: 2.8.6

Release date: 21/05/2016

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.11

  • Minor fix in processing of selections in tools that support processing of selected text (Unbreaker, Quotation Magic, Correctomatic, etc.).

Program Version: 2.8.5

Release date: 20/03/2016

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.10

  • Unbreaker can now recognize potential breaks if the first paragraph is equal to “#” or “№”.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Unbreaker – a break before a paragraph starting with a bullet symbol was not recognized in some cases.
    • Segmented Text Coloring Tool did not work correctly under Word 2016.
    • Apply Internal / External Styles commands – previously these commands added all three possible styles (tw4winExternal, tw4winInternal and tw4winNone) to a document instead of only one style.
    • Fixed an issue with processing of textboxes on drawing canvases.

Program Version: 2.8.4

Release date: 10/01/2016

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.9

Program Version: 2.8.3

Release date: 11/10/2015

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.8.3

Program Version: 2.8.2

Release date: 27/09/2015

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.8.2

  • Fixed a minor bug which prevented processing of grouped shapes in some automatically generated Word documents.
  • Added an ability to configure language pairs from Language Check tool.

Program Version: 2.8.1

Release date: 03/09/2015

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.8.1

Program Version: 2.8

Release date: 01/09/2015

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.8

  • Added a new option to Unbreaker called “Let me join more paragraphs if they look like separate paragraphs”. When this option is used, Unbreaker is less strict when it decides whether a particular paragraph or line break should be included in the list of uncertain breaks to remove. Normally, you should use this option in documents converted from PDFs in order to discover additional breaks which need to be removed.
  • Added a new feature in Quotation Magic: you can now replace curly (directional) quotation marks with straight quotation marks (" and ') or use straight apostrophe ('). This can be useful if you prepare a document for the CAT tool in order to get better TM leverage.
  • Added new options in Find & Remove Excessive Spaces: you can now remove spaces before and after certain punctuation, e.g., remove an erroneous space before final punctuation (?!.) or after a parenthesis.
  • Added a new feature in Tag Cleaner (Document Cleaner) – if Thick Underline formatting is applied to bold text (which may occur with some PDF conversion tools), Tag Cleaner automatically changes it to Single Underline formatting to avoid unnecessary tags in your CAT tool.
  • Improvement in Unbreaker: the command can now process the entire document, including headers/footers and textboxes (previously, only the main document body could be processed, excluding headers/footers, textboxes, etc.).
  • Removed Entire Document / Selection options in Tag Cleaner. Tag Cleaner can now process the entire document only.
  • Fixed a bug in Document Format Converter: curly quotation marks were changed to straight quotation marks when a document was converted to TXT format.
  • Fixed a bug in Spellcheck Assistant: in certain situations, text was processed incorrectly when Selection option was used.
  • Fixed several bugs in Unbreaker and Automatic Localisation.
  • Introduced minor improvements in numerous commands.
  • Made slight changes to built-in Correctomatic lists.
  • Updated the About dialogue: it is now possible to check for a new version from the dialogue.

Program Version: 2.7

Release date: 26/06/2015

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.7

  • Added a new tool – Spellcheck Assistant. This tool extends Microsoft Word's built-in spellchecking functionality. You can quickly look through all spellchecking errors in the document, add selected errors to one or several custom dictionaries, create special lists of spelling errors for external programs, assign a language to the entire document or parts of it, and do many other things.
  • Added a new option in Tag Cleaner command (Document Cleaner tool) – Normalize font color. This option applies the first font color used in a paragraph to other text in the same paragraph if the colors are similar. This helps to remove tags from documents which contain several different shades of black or other colors, which happens in Word documents created by some PDF conversion programs.
  • Tag Cleaner command now displays a notification if additional tags can be cleaned by activating other tag cleaning options. If you see this notification, you can check the specified options and press Clean Tags button again to remove more tags from the document.
  • Fixed a bug in Table Aligner command (Document Cleaner) which caused borders in some tables to be aligned incorrectly.

Program Version: 2.6.2

Release date: 19/04/2015

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.6.2

  • Document Format Convertor: added ability to convert documents to TXT format (using Unicode or UTF-8 encoding). This may be useful if you use text files for alignment, etc.
  • Unbreaker:
    1. Renamed the Automatic Correction tab to “Automatic Correction / Highlighting” and added an ability to highlight certain breaks (previously, only uncertain breaks could be highlighted). This allows you to highlight both certain and uncertain incorrect breaks in the document for manual correction.
    2. Fixed a small bug – in certain situations, a break between two textual list items was considered incorrect.
    3. Improved the tool's behaviour in Armenian and East Asian languages.
  • Document Cleaner:
    1. Added new options for the Autoformat command: 1) Apply transparent background to all tables (to reset the background color and pattern for all tables in the document), 2) Use consistent cell alignment for all tables (to change text alignment in all table cells to a specific value), 3) Apply consistent borders to all tables, 4) Remove text shading (to clear font and paragraph shading from all text in the document), 5) Set default text spacing (to set default spacing, scale, position and kerning) for all document text, 6) Remove soft (manual) hyphens.
    2. All table options in the Autoformat command can now process nested tables.
    3. Under Quick Actions, added a new command: Correct formatting of numbered list markers. Very often OCR tools apply different formatting to the markers of numbered lists and to the list items themselves. This command applies the list item formatting to the list item markers.
    4. Under Quick Actions, added a new command: Autofit all textboxes. This command goes through all textboxes in the document and changes their settings so that they expand or shrink to fit the text.
    5. Under Quick Actions, added a new command: Reset all paragraph and font formatting. This command formats the selected text, resetting paragraph indentation and spacing as well as font formatting.
  • Hide / Unhide Text: fixed a bug which prevented hiding of text in textboxes located in headers or footers.
  • Find & Replace Excessive Spaces: fixed a bug which could cause damage to fields when field text and adjacent text contained excessive spaces.
  • Localisation commands: highlight colors are now used to optionally mark changed text.
  • Insert Symbol: changed fonts for the quotation marks buttons.
Many thanks to Vladimir Sankov for suggesting improvements in Document Cleaner and Unbreaker as well as finding bugs in other commands, and to Marco Cevoli for recommending enhancements in Document Format Convertor.

Program Version: 2.6.1

Release date: 01/04/2015

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.6.1

  • Small bug fix in Correctomatic.
  • Updated Multiple Replace tool: a prompt to temporarily deactivate Track Changes is now shown if the user attempts to make wildcard replacements that use backreferences in the Replace With parameter if Track Changes are activated (a known Word bug causes incorrect replacements in this situation).

Program Version: 2.6

Release date: 29/03/2015

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.6

  • Added a new tool – Correctomatic. This tool checks documents for words/phrases defined in your correction lists and allows you to correct them. It is a proofreader's Swiss Army knife: it can check and enforce consistency with a style guide, apply a specific language variant (e.g., American or British English) across a document, find potential errors that are difficult to detect with a spellchecker, enforce a specific preferential spelling of a word, find potential translation errors, etc.
  • Updated some commands in Document Cleaner to avoid potential crashing on some computers.
  • Updated Unbreaker to detect potentially incorrect breaks between lines with different paragraph alignment inside table cells and incorrect breaks between upper-case lines.
  • Updated Multiple Replace tool: added an ability to apply specific formatting (bold, italic, underlined, subscript and superscript) to replacements and fixed several bugs related to spaces in replacement list entries and to the order of replacements.

Program Version: 2.5

Release date: 08/02/2015

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.5

  • Added a new tool – What Is This Text Symbol?. This command analyses text you select in Microsoft Word and identifies every text symbol it contains. The command should be useful in a variety of situations, e.g., when you see unknown or confusing symbols in your CAT tool and want to decide whether to delete them or keep them in the translation.
  • Updated Document Cleaner / Autoformat tool: the first option was renamed to “Highlight paragraphs formatted using several different fonts, font sizes or font colors”. In this version, in addition to highlighting paragraphs formatted with different fonts or font sizes, this option also highlights paragraphs formatted with different font colors. This should be useful for processing of documents obtained through OCR and PDF conversion programs because these programs may apply similar colors to different words or characters in the text, resulting in excessive tags in your CAT tool. After you use this option, it is easy to find paragraphs that use several font colors and format them appropriately.
  • Added two new Quick Actions commands under Document Cleaner / Other Tools:
    1. Textboxes - Move text out of all textboxes (entire document) – this command converts all floating textboxes to text, placing the text at the place to which each textbox was anchored and deleting original textboxes. It should be really useful if you use a PDF conversion service which places text in textboxes. Documents with textboxes are really difficult to translate and format, and copying and pasting text out of textboxes can be really frustrating. This command performs the operation very quickly, highlighting the moved text so you can format it further.
    2. Textboxes - Convert all textboxes to frames – this command converts all floating textboxes to Word frames. Frames are somewhat easier to work with than textboxes, but they are still problematic in terms of translation and further formatting.
      Thanks to Marek Pawelec for suggesting these improvements.

Program Version: 2.4.2

Release date: 17/01/2015

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.4.2

  • Unbreaker: added a new option to allow removal of incorrect paragraph breaks between a list item and the following paragraph. This is particularly useful for documents produced by OCR and PDF conversion tools because they sometimes insert incorrect breaks in the middle of list paragraphs.
  • Multiple Replace tool: previously, it was impossible to replace with an empty string. This was fixed.
  • Dual Language Document Assistant: fixed a bug which caused incorrect behaviour if Convert to Dual-Language Text command was used on text followed by a section or page break.
  • Document Cleaner: text highlight colors were removed with Tag Cleaner if ‘Change Font Color from Black to Automatic’ option was activated. This is now fixed.

Program Version: 2.4.1

Release date: 18/11/2014

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.4.1

  • Changes in Multiple Replace tool:
    • If a named replacement list is selected, all changes made to the replacement list are now saved automatically (in previous version, it was necessary to Load and Save replacement lists manually to make changes to them).
    • If a New replacement list is selected, the user is prompted to save the replacement list before the dialogue is closed or Replace All button is pressed.
    • If the search text of one entry matches some text inside the replacement text of another entry, unwanted replacements could occur (e.g., if we replace ‘categoris’ with ‘categories’ and then replace ‘cat’ with ‘dog’, we could end up with ‘dogegories’. This is now prevented.
  • Line Removal tool (Document Cleaner) can now identify vertical and horizontal lines in Word documents produced by Adobe ExportPDF service.

Program Version: 2.4

Release date: 30/10/2014

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.4

  • Significant improvements in Multiple Replace tool:
    • Replacement list editing features are much more user-friendly.
    • You can now save replacement lists under different names for re-use later. Using this feature, you can create lists of replacement rules customized for different tasks, language pairs, subjects, clients, etc.
    • You can specify several different search/replace options for each replacement rule: Case-sensitive comparison, Match full words only, Use Wildcards.
    • You can specify a highlight color to be used to highlight replacements.
  • The Ribbon user interface has been slightly changed, adding Multiple Replace and Document Format Converter on the main ribbon.
  • Minor improvement in Quick Workspaces tool.
  • Fixed several bugs in Non-breaking Space Checker related to documents with tracked changes (revisions).

Program Version: 2.3

Release date: 16/10/2014

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.3

  • Document Cleaner has been significantly improved. All commands are now grouped into three categories: Tag Cleaner (removes excessive tags from documents created with OCR/PDF conversion tools prior to importing into a CAT tool), Autoformat (automatically formats documents produced by OCR/PDF conversion tools to make them easier to edit and translate), and Other Tools (combines a number of additional tools that can help you produce a well-formatted document which will be easier to translate and edit):
    1. Tag Cleaner tool functions in the same way as the older Reformat command, but integrates additional commands for removal of excessive bookmarks (previously included in Bookmark Cleanup command) and accepting of tracked revisions, which are also responsible for excessive tags.
    2. Autoformat tool includes older functionality – the Unframe command and the Apply Variable Row Height command – and also integrates many additional options that can help you produce a cleaner document which will be easier to format further. For a detailed list and description of the options, see the reference section on the Autoformat tool.
    3. Other Tools includes several older commands: Table Column Aligner, Resave, Line Removal, Apply Variable Row Height and Formatting Tools. Apply Variable Row Height is now called “Row Height Resizer” and Formatting Tools is called “Quick Actions”. Quick Actions tab includes several additional commands for removal of textboxes, converting lists and tables of contents to regular text, etc. For a detailed list and description of the available commands and their options, see the reference section on the Other Tools.

Program Version: 2.2

Release date: 31/08/2014

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.2

  • Added a new tool – Document Format Converter. Document Format Converter makes it easy to convert many Word documents to one of the following formats: DOCX, PDF, RTF and DOC.
    Many thanks to Michael Beijer for the idea.
  • Several changes to Dual-Language Document Assistant:
    1. Changes in options: added a new parameter to control which side (left side or right side) will be reserved for translation.
    2. Automatic numbered lists are now used on the translation side only. Automatic list numbering on the other side is converted to text to ensure that the document has original numbering in lists.
    3. Progress indication was added for convenience.

    Thanks to Vladimir Sankov for useful suggestions regarding Dual-Language Document Assistant.
  • Hide/Unhide Text command: improved the user interface to avoid confusion between Highlight Color and Font Color options.

Program Version: 2.1.1

Release date: 04/08/2014

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.1.1

  • Slight interface change in Non-breaking Space Checker: the language selection list was placed at the top of the dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug in Remove Highlight command: previously, the command removed highlighting from the entire document if the Selection option was checked.
  • Added progress indication to Bookmark Cleanup in Document Cleaner.
  • Fixed 2 bugs in Dual-Language Document Assistant: 1) when text was converted to a dual-language table, there was an error if the selected text was preceded by a table; 2) when text was converted to dual-language text, there was an error if the last paragraph in a text box was selected.
  • Fixed bugs in Hide/Unhide Text command: if the Marching Red Ants (Wordfast Classic) or Double Strikethrough (Wordfast Classic) options were used, the command did not remove all such formatting when Unhide Everything option was used.

Program Version: 2.1

Release date: 29/06/2014

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.1

  • Added a new tool – Segmented Text Coloring Tool. This tool is designed for Wordfast Classic and SDL Trados 2007 users as well as those who need to proofread or translate segmented documents in Trados Tag-delimited DOC format. It re-formats (re-colors) a document so that you can quickly distinguish source text from target text and clearly see which segments require more attention depending on their match percentage.
    Many thanks to Roger Chadel for the idea and help in designing this tool.
  • Added a new option to Unbreaker tool: treat a break before a capitalized word as an uncertain break. If checked, this option marks breaks before capitalized words with a question mark, which is useful in many languages where capitalized words normally occur at the beginning of sentences.
  • Improved the incorrect break search algorithms in Unbreaker.

Program Version: 2.0

Release date: 22/05/2014

Release package: TransTools package v. 3.0

  • Added a new tool – Unbreaker. This tool makes it very easy to remove incorrect paragraph and line breaks from Word documents, preventing segmentation issues in CAT tools and improving the professional look of Word documents. You can quickly reformat documents that contain occasional incorrect breaks, text copied from PDF documents or web pages, regular text files opened in Word, etc. This tool is part of TransTools Professional Edition.
  • Added a new tool – Quotation Magic. This tool checks whether all quotation marks, apostrophes and similar symbols (e.g., prime, double prime) are in accordance with the document’s language, and performs corrections if necessary. Fix such common problems as straight quotation marks instead of directional quotation marks, incorrect apostrophe symbols, incorrect spacing around quotation marks, missing opening or closing quotation marks, etc. This tool is part of TransTools Professional Edition.
  • Updated the menu and ribbon structure. In Office 2007 and more recent versions of Microsoft Office, TransTools now has a separate tab on the ribbon.

Program Version: 1.10.1

Release date: 05/04/2014

Release package: TransTools package v. 2.5.1

  • Fix in Quick Workspaces: if you use Wordfast Classic with Companion windows (TM, Terminology and QA companions), Restore Workspace command will not change the companion windows.
  • Fixed a bug in Hide/Unhide Text command: highlighted text was not fully processed in some rare situations.
  • Small fixes in Find Highlight and Remove Highlight commands.
  • Changes in Find Spaces command:
    • In Word 2010 and later versions, the command will now have a single Undo item for each replacement action.
    • Fixed a small bug: an error occurred if excessive spaces were found at the beginning of content controls.
  • Fixed a small bug in Check For Clean Document command.
  • Several other minor fixes.

Program Version: 1.10

Release date: 25/03/2014

Release package: TransTools package v. 2.5

  • Added Quick Workspaces, a new series of commands for saving and restoring the visual settings of Microsoft Word. Using these commands, you can now save the preferred visual appearance of Microsoft Word under different profiles and restore it depending on the situation, e.g., when you proofread documents, translate them, or simply open them for reading.
    Many thanks to Roger Chadel for providing the idea.

Program Version: 1.9.5

Release date: 09/03/2014

Release package: TransTools package v. 2.4.5

  • Fixed a bug in Find Highlight command causing it to hang on some documents.

Program Version: 1.9.4

Release date: 01/02/2014

Release package: TransTools package v. 2.4.4

  • Multiple improvements in Hide / Unhide Text:
    1. support for hiding text from Wordfast Classic (using Marching Red Ants and Double Strikethrough formatting)
    2. support for retaining existing “hidden” formatting (from original document) so it can be restored in the final document
    3. better progress indication
  • Improvements in Remove Highlight command: 1) better progress indication, 2) speed improvements, 3) removal of highlighting in all colors is now supported.
  • Improvements in Language Check command: 1) better progress indication, 2) speed improvements.

Program Version: 1.9.3

Release date: 21/12/2013

Release package: TransTools package v. 2.4.3

  • Fixed a minor bug in Find & Replace Excessive Spaces command (TransTools for Word): the command did not delete excessive spaces in some floating textboxes.

Program Version: 1.9.2

Release date: 15/12/2013

Release package: TransTools package v. 2.4.2

  • Find Spaces command was improved:
    1. Added Go To Top link at the top of the dialogue. Clicking this link will change the selection to the beginning of the document so you can start the search from the very beginning.
    2. If you check “Remove spaces at start/end of paragraphs or lines” checkbox, the command will find 1 or more spaces at the beginning and end of paragraphs/lines regardless of the setting of Find # or More Spaces option. Previously, one space was never found because the command searched for at least 2 spaces.
    3. The command now searches for all types of spaces (i.e., not only regular and non-breaking spaces, but also EM space, EN space, thin space, etc.).
    4. Fixed a very rare bug when a comment was deleted if it was added around a range of contiguous spaces.
  • Hide / Unhide Text command was extended:
    1. You can now hide text based not only on the highlight color, but also on font color.
    2. You can now select several standard font colors as well as pick a custom color. To pick a custom color, select specific colored text in the document, pick [Selected text color] from the list, and click the button with a dropper icon.
  • Added a new option, “Check for unsupported formatting”, under Document Cleaner Reformat tab.
    When this checkbox is on (default), the Reformat command will check the document for text effect formatting supported in Word 2010 and newer versions, and proceed to clean the document only if it does not find such formatting. This check may take some time in long documents.
    If you uncheck this checkbox, no such checking will take place and the document will be cleaned regardless of the presence of such formatting. This may damage text effect formatting if it is present, but it will also make the operation about two times faster.
    Text effect formatting is never present in documents produced by OCR software, but it may be used in documents produced by a human. Therefore, if you deal with a long document produced by OCR software, you may want to uncheck this checkbox to speed up the operation.
  • Added several commands for marking text with Trados/Wordfast styles – tw4winInternal, tw4winExternal and tw4winNone. This is useful if you want to hide specific text from SDL Trados 2007 / Wordfast.
  • Improved support for Office 2013 (fixed minor dialogue sizing issues).

Program Version: 1.9.1

Release date: 09/07/2013

Release package: TransTools package v. 2.4.1

Program Version: 1.9

Release date: 06/07/2013

Release package: TransTools package v. 2.4

  • Made a lot of changes in Non-breaking Space Checker:
    1. Added a new option to replace regular spaces used as thousand separators (digit grouping symbol) with non-breaking spaces (idea by Roger Chadel);
    2. Added a new option to insert a non-breaking space instead of a regular space or no space after opening guillemets and before closing guillemets in French and its variants (idea by SafeTex);
    3. Added a new option to insert a non-breaking space instead of a regular space or no space before two-part punctuation (:;?!) in French and its variants (idea by SafeTex);
    4. The dialogue can now be resized vertically;
    5. Fixed several bugs.
  • Added “Look in hidden text” option to Multiple Replace and Remove Animation dialogues;
  • Fixed some bugs in Table Column Aligner (Document Cleaner);
  • Fixed some bugs in Document Cleaner's Reformat command.

Program Version: 1.8

Release date: 04/06/2013

Release package: TransTools package v. 2.3

  • Added a new tool, Non-breaking Space Checker. This extremely useful tool is designed to automatically find & correct phrases that require non-breaking spaces in the middle (like “The New York Times”), and phrases that need to be separated from preceding or following numbers with a non-breaking space (as in “5 m3” or “Table 1”). Non-breaking spaces in these situations avoid confusion by keeping related text on the same line.
    Original idea by SafeTex, with some idea contributions from Marco Cevoli.
  • Reorganized the menu structure, moving Language Check and Find Multiple Text commands into the new Quality Assurance group.

Program Version: 1.7.1

Release date: 28/04/2013

Release package: TransTools package v. 2.2.1

Program Version: 1.7

Release date: 16/03/2013

Release package: TransTools package v. 2.2

  • Added a new tool, Dual-Language Document Assistant. Using this tool, you can quickly turn single-language documents into dual-language documents using several pre-defined formats.
  • Made significant enhancements to the Document Cleaner's Reformat command. This command has been significantly overhauled and can now remove many more stubborn tags than in the previous version. In addition, a number of new options have been added to enable you to remove almost 100% of tags in documents produced by OCR or PDF conversion tools. These options include removal of character styles, using the same font face across the entire paragraph or sentence, and levelling font size across paragraph / sentence.
  • Updated Document Cleaner's Apply Variable Row Height command: it can now process tables inside other tables (so-called nested tables).
  • Made a number of user interface improvements (menu structure, easy selection of highlight colors in various commands).

Program Version: 1.6

Release date: 25/01/2013

Release package: TransTools package v. 2.1

  • Made a number of improvements to Document Cleaner:
    1. Added several new reformatting options to the Reformat command: ‘Fix formatting problems’ helps when tags are caused by direct formatting applied in addition to character styles, which is a frequent problem in documents created by OCR and PDF conversion software; ‘Change font color from Black to Automatic’ will reduce tags when black font color is used in addition to the automatic font color;
    2. Added Apply Variable Row Height command to apply variable height setting to table rows which have minimum or fixed height. Minimum and fixed row height can cause layout problems in translated documents or even cause some text to be invisible;
    3. Added Formatting Tools command group which provides a number of paragraph and text formatting commands for quick manual formatting of documents produced by OCR or PDF conversion software;
    4. Added support for configuration profiles;
    5. Fixed bugs in Table Column Aligner which prevented processing of single-column tables and variable-width cells.
  • Overhauled Insert Symbol command. Previously, the command allowed to insert regular symbols only. Now, in addition to regular (printing) symbols, you can insert non-printing or confusing symbols (e.g., a page break, line break, EM or EN space, manual hyphen, etc). You can also wrap selected text in quotation marks of various styles (configurable in the Configuration dialogue).
  • Fixed some bugs in Hide / Unhide Text command.

Program Version: 1.5.1

Release date: 26/10/2012

Release package: TransTools package v. 2.0.1

Fixed a few bugs in Office 2003 version of TransTools for Word add-in.

Program Version: 1.5.0

Release date: 21/10/2012

Release package: TransTools package v. 2.0

  • Added a new suite of tools called Document Cleaner. This is a new growing collection of commands which are useful for processing of documents produced by OCR (optical character recognition) software, e.g. Omnipage, Finereader, etc., and for reducing the amount of tags prior to importing into CAT tools like SDL Trados Studio, memoQ, Wordfast Pro, DejaVu, etc.

    The initial release includes the following commands:

    1. Reformat (commands to remove text and paragraph shading, reset uneven character spacing, and remove hyphenation),
    2. Resave (saving to RTF and back to the original format to help reduce tags in CAT programs),
    3. Table Column Aligner (to align vertical borders in multi-page tables joined after word recognition),
    4. Line Removal (to remove vertical and horizontal floating lines),
    5. UnFrame (to remove frames surrounding tables, images and text blocks), and
    6. Bookmark Cleanup (to remove certain types of bookmarks to reduce the amount of tags in CAT tools).

  • Added a new tool called Hide / Unhide Text. This command can hide specific portions of a document so that you can translate only the text you need using your CAT software. It can hide highlighted text or everything except highlighted text. The same tool can be used to unhide all content after the document is exported from your CAT tool.
  • Updated Find & Replace Excessive Spaces command. You can now enable an option to remove multiple spaces at the beginning and end of paragraphs and lines [suggested by Alexander Kormanovsky].

Program Version: 1.4.3

Release date: 07/07/2012

Release package: TransTools package v. 1.9

  • Changed the interface and functionality of the Find & Replace Excessive Spaces command, making it more useful for processing improperly formatted documents.

Program Version: 1.4.2

Release date:16/05/2012

Release package: TransTools package v. 1.8.0

  • Fixed a problem which occurred in Paste Unformatted Text command when pasting text from Powerpoint on 64-bit MS Office 2010.

Program Version: 1.4.1

Release date: 08/04/2012

Release package: TransTools package v. 1.6.0

Program Version: 1.4.0

Release date: 20/02/2011

Release package: TransTools package v. 1.4.0

  • Improved the user interface of all commands (e.g. added a Help button on every dialogue, made dialogues more self-explanatory, added important notes on some dialogues).

Program Version: 1.3.0

Release date: 21/11/2010

Release package: TransTools package v. 1.3.0

  • 64-bit support is added so you can now use the add-in under 64-bit Office 2010 [kudos to Dominique Pivard for picking this up];
  • Aded Tab character as an additional separation character for the Advanced Clean-up option in Configure clean-up/restore rule command;
  • Added a new replacement option in Find & Replace Excessive Spaces command.

Program Version: 1.2.0

Release date: 18/08/2010

Release package: TransTools package v. 1.2.1

  • Changed the interface of Find & Replace Excessive Spaces command to make it more user-friendly.
  • Configure clean-up/restore rule command has been enhanced. You can now use it to set up the Find/Replace dialogue in order to create bilingual text from uncleaned (tagged) Trados 2007 / Wordfast Classic text (Advanced Clean-up option).
  • Added several new commands in the CAT Software category to apply Marching Red Ants and Marching Black Ants style and to clear text animation completely. They will be useful for Wordfast users running Microsoft Word 2007 and higher since text animation cannot be applied from the user interface in these versions of Microsoft Word.
    [Suggested by Roger Chadel].

Program Version: 1.1.0

Release package: TransTools package v. 1.1.0

  • Automatic Localisation command now localises both the decimal point and the thousand separator in one go.
    [Suggested by Roger Chadel].
  • Configure command now has a 4th tab called 'Configuration File'. You can use it to change the location of TransTools configuration file or troubleshoot some errors.
  • Several bugs fixed.
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