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Document Processing Tool

This tool is part of TransTools+, a new set of plug-ins for professional translators, editors, copyeditors and DTP specialists.


Document Processing Tool makes it very easy to perform various actions on multiple Word documents (DOCX, DOC, RTF format), using one or several different TransTools+ commands one after the other.

Here are the tool’s most significant features:

  • Execute one of the following TransTools+ commands on several documents or the current document:
    • Multiple Find & Replace: replace text that matches various words/phrases or regular expressions
    • Multiple Find & Replace: apply special formatting to the text that matches various words/phrases or regular expressions
    • Hide/Unhide Text tool: hide specific text from your CAT tool, convert to tags colored text or text matching pre-defined search expressions, or unhide hidden text
    • Apply Highlighting command: apply color highlighting to text that matches various words/phrases or regular expressions
    • Clear Highlighting command: clear color highlighting of specific color or all colors
  • Execute multiple commands on each document one by one. For example, using this feature, you can easily apply color highlighting of several different colors to words/phrases defined in several different lists. For example, you can color all medical terms in yellow and color special guidewords in green, and then use this document as a preview that will help translate each document exactly as instructed by the customer.

Document Processing Tool in action
Executing two different highlighting operations to color different sets of words/phrases in different colors

Download TransTools+ brochure to see real-life examples of how Document Processing Tool and other TransTools+ features can help you increase quality and productivity.

How to use Document Processing Tool

To run Document Processing Tool, click Document Processing Tool button on TransTools+ ribbon:

Document Processing Tool button on TransTools+ ribbon

This will open Document Processing Tool window:

Document Processing Tool window

First, choose the document(s) you want to process. You have 2 options:

  • Process several documents: select Process several documents option and then click Add Files button to choose Word documents (DOCX, DOC, RTF) or Add Folder button to choose a folder containing the documents (DOCX, DOC and RTF). You can use Remove button to remove selected documents from the list, or Clear button to remove all documents from the list.
  • Process the current (active) document: select Process current (active) document option.

Second, choose and configure processing steps. To do this, click Add Step... button. You will see a dialogue for selecting a processing step:

Add processing step

You can choose one of the following steps:

  • Hide / Unhide Text – this step allows you to:
    1. Hide text in a document based on one of the following: text color (highlight color or font color), text matching specific search expressions, or text in specific parts of the document.
    2. Unhide all document text.
  • Apply Highlighting – using this step, you can apply color highlighting to all matches of specific search expressions.
  • Clear Highlighting – using this step, you can clear color highlighting of a specific color, several colors, or any color.
  • Multiple Find & Replace – Replace or format all matches – using this step, you can replace or format all text that matches specific search/replace expressions.

When the step has been added to the list, you must configure it correctly for the intended results. For more information about configuring each processing step, use the documentation of the appropriate TransTools+ tools by clicking the links above.

After you add 1 or more steps, you can remove them by clicking Remove button or change the step order by clicking Move Up / Move Down buttons.

Finally, change the types of content areas that need to be processed (e.g. document body, headers and footers, textboxes, etc.) by clicking Change... button at the bottom of the dialogue. By default, the entire document will be processed unless you change this setting:

Processing scope

To start the operation, click Start... button.

If one of the steps is not fully configured, for example the list of search expressions for the step is empty, you will see the following dialogue:

Incorrect step configuration message

If all the steps are configured correctly, all the documents will be processed one by one. At the end of the operation, you will see a status report:

  • If you select Process Several Documents option, you will see the following dialogue at the end of the operation:

    Processing results

    When you click Details... button, you will see detailed information about the results of each processing step for the selected document:

    Results for individual document

  • If you select Process the current (active) document option, you will see the following dialogue at the end of the operation:

    Results for individual document

During the processing operation, you can click Cancel button. Please note that this button will not undo the processing results if the document has already been processed and then closed, or if the document was already open in Microsoft Word before the processing operation was started. If the document remains open inside Microsoft Word, you can use the Undo command to undo the actions. If the document had already been processed and saved when Cancel button was clicked, you will need to restore the document from back-up.

Licensing notes

Document Processing Tool does not require a license to be run. However, you can use it in one of the following cases only:

  1. you have a full TransTools+ license
  2. the trial period of the tool you are going to use with Document Processing Tool has not expired
  3. you have a valid license for the individual tool you are going to use with Document Processing Tool

For example, if you don't have a full TransTools+ license, but have an individual tool license for Multiple Find & Replace tool and no licenses for other TransTools+ tools, you can use Document Processing Tool with Multiple Find & Replace operation only. You will not be able to perform other types of operations (e.g. Hide/Unhide Text, Apply Highlighting, etc) unless you have active trial period for these tools. For more information about licensing, go here.

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