Hide / Unhide Text

Mark text as non-translatable in order to hide it from your CAT tool or convert it into tags.

This tool is part of TransTools+

Hide / Unhide Text tool makes it easy to hide text from your CAT tool when only parts of your document need to be translated or to convert non-translatable text into tags.

Hide / Unhide Text panel

Initial view of Hide / Unhide Text panel


  • Hide text from your CAT tool when only parts of your document need to be translated.
  • Prepare documents for dual-language translation by hiding original text.
  • Convert placeholders and other non-translatable text into tags to protect them from accidental editing in your CAT tool.
  • Translate various text-based files containing non-translatable content, e.g. subtitles, Markdown files, etc.
  • Unhide text after translation.

Hide / Unhide Text tool in action: screenshots

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How to hide all text except text marked in Yellow highlight color
How to hide text marked in red color
How to hide non-translatable variables (placeholders)
How to hide text in all headers and footers
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This tool is part of TransTools+, suite of productivity tools for Microsoft Office designed for translators, editors, content creators and DTP specialists.
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