Quotation Magic

Improve document formatting and punctuation by using typographically correct quotation marks, apostrophes and similar symbols.

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Quotation Magic searches a Word document for quotation marks, apostrophes and prime symbols and suggests corrections (using proper curly symbols like « » “ ” ‘ ’) according to the typography rules of the document’s language.

Quotation Magic in action

Replacing quotation marks in a document translated into English


  • Get better matches from your TM by using specific quotation marks and apostrophes in source documents.
  • Replace straight quotation marks and straight apostrophes with proper curly symbols according to the typography rules of the document’s language.
  • Correct the style of curly quotation marks and apostrophes used in the document (e.g., when «text» need to be used instead of “text”).
  • Find missing opening or closing quotation marks.
  • Spot incorrect spacing around quotation marks, e.g., when there is a space before a closing quotation mark or after an opening quotation mark.
  • Use proper prime and double prime symbols (foot/inch marks) instead of quotation mark symbols, e.g. 5′6″.
  • Decide which symbols need to be corrected and what symbols need to be used in each specific case.
  • Check entire document or selected text only.
  • Apply color highlighting to all corrected symbols for a final visual check.

Quotation Magic in action: screenshots

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Reviewing the issues found for an English document
Wrong quotation marks found in a document translated into Russian
How to configure quotation mark styles for a language
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Tools for quality assurance (QA)


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