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New features in TransTools 3.9

TransTools v.3.9 introduces several new tools for Microsoft PowerPoint and minor improvements in existing tools.

New add-in – TransTools for PowerPoint

Version 3.9 includes a completely new add-in which should be really useful for all translators who work with PowerPoint presentations.

TransTools Add-In group in PowerPoint 2007 or later

TransTools for PowerPoint add-in includes three tools: Tag Cleaner, Unbreaker and Change Language.

1. Tag Cleaner

As the PDF format becomes more wide-spread, translators receive more and more PowerPoint presentations which were converted from PDF documents with the help of PDF conversion software or OCR programs. Such presentations may contain a lot of formatting tags which complicate the translation process considerably and often make it almost impossible.

Here is a typical excerpt from a converted PowerPoint presentation imported into memoQ:
Screenshot: Tags in memoQ
As you can see, the original text (“Good planning.”) is interspersed with tags that control the character spacing of each letter.

Tag Cleaner re-formats your PowerPoint presentation in order to minimize tags displayed when you import it into your CAT tool. At the same time, it attempts to retain the original appearance of the presentation as much as possible.

Screenshot: Tag Cleaner dialogue
Screenshot of Tag Cleaner dialogue

2. Unbreaker

A common issue with PowerPoint presentations is incorrect paragraph (Para break) and line (Line break) breaks which occur in the middle of sentences. Incorrect breaks cause segmentation and tag problems in most CAT tools, so they should be removed before the presentation is imported into the CAT tool. Also, incorrect breaks may cause text to wrap to a new line at incorrect places after translation, so it makes sense to remove them even if no CAT tool will be used for translation.

However, in PowerPoint, unlike word processing software like Microsoft Word, paragraph and line breaks are invisible, so it is very difficult to remove them manually. Below, you can see how paragraph breaks are displayed in Microsoft PowerPoint versus Microsoft Word.

Text with a paragraph break as displayed in PowerPoint Text with a paragraph break as displayed in Microsoft Word
Text with a paragraph break as displayed in Microsoft PowerPoint Text with a paragraph break as displayed in Microsoft Word (with non-printing symbols displayed)

Unbreaker helps you find incorrect breaks and quickly remove them, preventing the problems described above. It finds potentially incorrect paragraph and line breaks and displays them in a list. It takes very little time to go through the list and check the breaks to be removed. When all the incorrect breaks are marked with a checkbox, all you need to do is press Correct Presentation button.

Screenshot: List of incorrect breaks
Screenshot of Unbreaker dialogue

3. Change Language

A common requirement for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations is to change the spellchecking language of a presentation in order to check spelling or prevent red squiggly underlines in text marked with a wrong language. This is possible in Microsoft PowerPoint using the integrated Set Proofing Language command, but this command needs to be run on each slide separately, which may take a lot of time for big presentations.

Change Language tool makes it easy to apply a specific spellchecking language to an entire presentation or in selected slides, textboxes or text.

Screenshot: Change Language dialogue


TransTools for PowerPoint works in Microsoft Office 2007 and all newer Office versions (2010, 2013, 2016, etc.) under Windows.

To start using the new tools, download and install the new version of TransTools.

Other updates

In addition to the above updates, the latest version of TransTools includes several bug fixes in TransTools for Word. For a detailed list of changes, go to this page.

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January 10, 2016

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