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New features in TransTools 3.11

TransTools v.3.11 introduces major updates to TransTools for Visio and several improvements in other tools.

Major update for TransTools for Visio

Those of you who translate Microsoft Office documents may have encountered diagrams created in Microsoft Visio. These diagrams can be stand-alone files (with VSD, VDX, VSDX or VSDM extensions) or drawings embedded in other Microsoft Office documents such as Word documents or PowerPoint presentations. Microsoft Visio is quite popular in the corporate environment for creating organization charts, network diagrams and other types of charts.

Organization chart in Visio format
Organization chart in Microsoft Visio format

However, although Microsoft Visio is a Microsoft Office program, its support among modern CAT tools is very poor. Only a handful of CAT tools like memoQ and Déjà Vu X support Visio files out of the box, and some others (SDL Trados Studio) require expensive third-party filters for handling Visio files. Another limitation is that Visio drawings must be in VDX format in order to be processed by a CAT tool (by default, Visio drawings are saved with VSD extension or VSDX extension). On top of this, translating VDX files in the few supporting CAT tools is still problematic due to redundant tags, non-translatable content and other problems, as you can see from the following screenshots:

Organization chart in memoQ
Organization chart with a multitude of tags in memoQ 2015

Strange segments
Strange segments in Visio files inside memoQ 2015

Organization chart in Déjà Vu X
Organization chart with a lot of non-translatable content in Déjà Vu X 3

If you have Microsoft Visio installed (even a trial version), you can easily translate any Visio drawings using TransTools for Visio. TransTools for Visio extracts all translatable text from specific pages of your Visio drawings and presents them in the form of a Word or Excel table. After the table is translated (manually or inside any CAT tool), TransTools for Visio can import the translations from this table back into your drawings.

Extracting translatable text
Extracting translatable text using TransTools for Visio

Translation table generated from organization chart
Translation table generated from an organization chart with TransTools for Visio

TransTools for Visio can process all formats supported by Microsoft Visio (VSD, VDX, VSDX and VSDM). The extracted text is free of tags (except special tags inserted if there are automatic fields in your drawings). You can open several Visio drawings and process all of them simultaneously, generating a single translation table.

The new release of TransTools for Visio (version 2.0) included in TransTools 3.11 contains a large number of new features which simplify translation of Visio drawings. The most notable features include:

  • Ability to process fields (such as page number, total pages, etc.).
  • Ability to translate text in Gantt charts and other complex Visio drawings.
  • Ability to import the generated translation tables in Word format directly into your CAT tools without having to prepare them manually (TransTools for Visio uses special styles or hidden text to format the text that does not require to be translated or which represents tags).
  • Easier handling of generated translation tables: to merge translations into drawing(s), you no longer need to use the clipboard to specify the translation table. All you need to do is select the final translation table from a file.
  • Ability to extract all translatable text (and not only unique text) for word counting purposes.
  • Additional options for extracting translatable text.

TransTools for Visio is now part of TransTools Professional Edition. This means that you need a valid license for TransTools Professional Edition in order to use it after the initial trial period. If you don't have a license for TransTools Professional Edition, you can test the new features within 45 days or you can switch to the Free version of TransTools for Visio which does not have the latest improvements.

To use the updated version of TransTools for Visio, simply download and install the latest version of TransTools.

Improvements in other tools

Besides the above improvements, TransTools 3.11 includes the following features:

  • TransTools for AutoCAD: Easier handling of generated translation tables. To merge translations into drawing(s), you no longer need to use the clipboard to specify the translation table. All you need to do is select the final translation table from a file.
  • TransTools for PowerPoint: Unbreaker can now recognize potential breaks if the first paragraph is “#” or “№”; minor fixes.
  • TransTools for Word: Minor fix in processing of selections in tools that support processing of selected text (Unbreaker, Quotation Magic, Correctomatic, etc.).

Click here for a detailed list of changes.

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May 21, 2016

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