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June 17, 2019:
Several minor improvements in Multiple Find & Replace, Highlighting Tool and Document Processing Tool.
May 22, 2019:
Added Document Processing Tool (TransTools+), a powerful tool for processing multiple Word documents using one or several different TransTools+ commands.
April 24, 2019:
Multiple Find & Replace tool, Hide/Unhide Text and Highlighting Tool (TransTools+) - improved searching speed and handling of fields in search results, and improved stability.
April 18, 2019:
Multiple Find & Replace tool (TransTools+) - search results are now shown with surrounding context so you can make a decision much quicker.
March 21, 2019:
Added Multiple Find & Replace tool (Microsoft Word) and Find Selection command (Microsoft Word) to TransTools+ suite.
February 21, 2019:
Minor update to fix a rare issue when document contents were cleared by Document Cleaner (TransTools for Word).
January 25, 2019:
Support for call-out shapes (call-out textboxes) across all tools.
October 3, 2018:
Initial release of TransTools+ plugins with new Hide/Unhide Text tool and Highlighting Tool.
August 27, 2018:
Added support for the latest changes in Memsource Cloud in Term Morphology Editor.
December 4, 2017:
Added a new tag cleaning option (“Replace special symbols with regular characters where appropriate”) in Tag Cleaner command (Document Cleaner tool, TransTools for Word).
November 8, 2017:
Several notable improvements in Document Cleaner (TransTools for Word).
June 15, 2017:
New separators in Dual-Language Document Assistant, small bug fix in Document Cleaner (TransTools for Word).
March 7, 2017:
Important improvements affecting translation table format in TransTools for AutoCAD.
February 24, 2017:
Improvements in Document Cleaner and Dual Language Document Assistant (TransTools for Word).
February 21, 2017:
Several fixes and improvements in TransTools for Word.
December 9, 2016:
Several fixes and improvements in TransTools for Excel and TransTools for PowerPoint.
October 29, 2016:
Significant changes in Collect All Graphics From Document (TransTools for Word), improvement in handling of CJK languages in Unbreaker for Word and PowerPoint, and several fixes in TransTools for Visio.
August 21, 2016:
Bug fix in Unbreaker (TransTools for Word).
August 6, 2016:
Several enhancements and fixes in TransTools for Word and TransTools for PowerPoint.
June 4, 2016:
Minor bug fixes in TransTools for AutoCAD and TransTools for Visio; a new option in Dual Language Document Assistant (TransTools for Word).
May 21, 2016:
New features in TransTools for Visio and TransTools for AutoCAD; minor fixes and improvements in TransTools for PowerPoint and TransTools for Word.
March 20, 2016:
New features in TransTools for AutoCAD add-in and improvements / bug fixes in TransTools for Word.
January 10, 2016:
Added TransTools for PowerPoint add-in comprising three tools: Tag Cleaner, Unbreaker and Change Language. Some bug fixes in TransTools for Word.
October 11, 2015:
Minor bug fixes in Document Cleaner, Find & Replace Excessive Spaces and several other tools.
September 1, 2015:
Multiple enhancements in Tag Cleaner, Unbreaker, Find & Replace Excessive Spaces, Quotation Magic and many other tools.
June 26, 2015:
Added Spellcheck Assistant, a new tool which makes it very easy to process spellchecking errors in multiple ways and to assign spellchecking language to document text.
April 19, 2015:
Multiple improvements and bug fixes in Document Cleaner, Document Format Convertor, Hide / Unhide Text, Glossary Search, TransTools for AutoCAD, etc.
April 1, 2015:
Small bug fix in Correctomatic tool; minor improvement in Multiple Replace tool.
March 29, 2015:
Added Correctomatic tool, a proofreader's Swiss Army knife for checking words and phrases in documents and correcting them. Updated several other tools.
February 8, 2015:
Version 3.5 – Added What Is This Text Symbol? tool (TransTools for Word) for identification of text symbols in selected text. Updated Document Cleaner.
January 17, 2015:
Version 3.4.2 – New option in Unbreaker, fixes in Document Cleaner, Multiple Replace and Dual-Language Document Assistant (Word).
November 18, 2014:
Version 3.4.1 – Changes in Multiple Replace and minor improvements in other tools.
October 30, 2014:
Version 3.4 – Many enhancements in Multiple Replace tool: it is now more user-friendly, supports saving and loading of replacement lists, and includes several search/replace options. Minor improvements in other tools.
October 16, 2014:
Version 3.3 – Made significant changes to Document Cleaner, restructuring it and adding many new tools for processing of poorly formatted Word documents, including tag cleaning.
August 31, 2014:
Version 3.2 – Added Document Format Converter for converting of many Word documents to another Word-supported format, and improved Dual-Language Document Assistant (TransTools for Word) and Insert Symbol command (TransTools Utilities).
August 4, 2014:
Version 3.1.1 – A number of small improvements and bug fixes in TransTools for Word, TransTools for Excel, TransTools for Visio and TransTools for AutoCAD.
June 29, 2014:
Version 3.1 – Added Segmented Text Coloring Tool for coloring tag-delimited segmented text (Wordfast Classic and Trados 2007) to simplify proofreading. Added improvements in Unbreaker.
May 21, 2014:
Version 3.0 – Added two advanced tools – Unbreaker (tool for removal of incorrect paragraph and line breaks) and Quotation Magic (versatile QA tool for fixing typographically incorrect quotation marks, apostrophe and similar symbols). Improved user interface.
April 5, 2014:
Version 2.5.1 – Minor change in Quick Workspaces, several bug fixes in other TransTools for Word commands.
March 25, 2014:
Version 2.5 – Added Quick Workspaces (TransTools for Word), a new series of commands for saving and restoring the visual settings of Microsoft Word.
March 9, 2014:
Version 2.4.5 – Small bug fixes in Find Highlight (TransTools for Word) and TransTools for AutoCAD.
February 1, 2014:
Version 2.4.4 – Added support for Wordfast Classic in Hide/Unhide Text, improvements in Language Check and Remove Highlight commands.
December 21, 2013:
Version 2.4.3 – Small bug fixes in Find Spaces and TransTools for AutoCAD.
December 15, 2013:
Version 2.4.2 – Enhancements in Hide / Unhide Text, Find Spaces and some other commands.
July 9, 2013:
Version 2.4.1 – Minor bug fix in Non-breaking Space Checker and small improvements in TransTools for Word.
July 6, 2013:
Version 2.4 – Updated Non-breaking Space Checker, adding several new options for inserting non-breaking space as a thousand separator in numbers, inside guillemets in French, and before some punctuation in French.
June 4, 2013:
Version 2.3 – Added Non-breaking Space Checker, a new quality assurance tool for inserting non-breaking spaces in a number of situations.
March 16, 2013:
Version 2.2 – Made significant improvements in Document Cleaner and added new Dual-Language Document Assistant tool for quick creation of dual-language documents.
January 25, 2013:
Added Timewriting Assistant (version 1.0), a great tool for tracking hours spent on activities billed on hourly basis.
January 25, 2013:
Version 2.1 – Made significant improvements in Document Cleaner, added new functionality to Insert Symbol command, fixed bugs in Hide / Unhide Text.
October 26, 2012:
Version 2.0.1 – Fixed a few bugs in Office 2003 version of TransTools for Word.
October 21, 2012:
Version 2.0 – Added Document Cleaner, a new suite of commands for pre-translation clean-up of OCR'ed or badly formatted documents. Added Hide/Unhide Text command for hiding specific portions of documents before importing them into CAT tools. Improved Find Spaces command (TransTools for Word).
July 28, 2012:
Version 1.9.1 – TransTools installation program translated into Portuguese.
July 7, 2012:
Version 1.9 – Fixed a number of bugs and added new functionality in TransTools Utilities; improved Find Spaces command (TransTools for Word).
June 16, 2012:
Version 1.8 – Added system integration in Glossary Search. Released a new tool, TransTools Utilities, with a number of useful commands for most Windows applications.
May 3, 2012:
Version 1.7 – Glossary Search was updated with a number of useful features: a language filter, Fuzzy Search and Wildcard Search options, and more.
April 8, 2012:
Version 1.6 – Added Glossary Search, a very powerful tool for searching your glossaries (TransTools for Excel). Minor improvements in other add-ins.
April 23, 2011:
Version 1.5 – A number of significant updates have been made to TransTools for AutoCAD. Minor improvements in other add-ins.
March 7, 2011:
Version 1.4.1 – Fixed several bugs in TransTools for Excel.
February 20, 2011:
Version 1.4 – The user interface of all add-ins has been substantially improved. A number of other changes have been made.
November 21, 2010:
Version 1.3 – A new powerful tool, Cell Resize Wizard, has been added to TransTools for Excel. A number of other enhancements have been made.
August 18, 2010:
Version 1.2.1 – Updates in TransTools for Word and TransTools for AutoCAD.
August 15, 2010:
TransTools package is now released under GPL license.
April 17, 2010:
New article – Navigating in uncharted waters of Microsoft Excel charts
April 19, 2010:
New tip – How to find formulas that require translation
April 11, 2010:
Version 1.1 – TransTools for Word updated.
December 10, 2009:
New article – Translating images using Paint.NET
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