TransTools+ installation and system requirements

To install TransTools+, download the Automatic Installer first, and then follow the installation guidelines below.

The Automatic Installer is a quick and easy way to install TransTools+.

System requirements: Windows XP/Vista or greater, Microsoft Office XP or greater.

No administrator privileges are required to install TransTools+.

The Automatic Installer will install the add-in and configuration files to two user-specific locations:

  • Add-in and application files:
    • Windows Vista/Windows 7:
    • Windows XP/2000:
      C:\Documents and Settings\<your_user_name>\Local Settings\Application Data\TransTools+
  • Configuration files and logs:
    • Windows Vista/Windows 7:
    • Windows XP/2000:
      C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\TransTools+

During the installation process, you may get the following feedback from the Installer:

  1. Warning messages like "Microsoft Word is running. Close it to continue". These messages mean that a particular component (in this case, TransTools for Word) cannot be installed at the moment because another version of the same add-in is already opened in Microsoft Word. If you get such messages, follow the instructions (i.e. close the respective application) and click the Next button.
  2. Critical error page. If you encounter this page, TransTools+ cannot be installed. Possible reasons: Microsoft Office is not installed, incorrect version of Windows or Microsoft Office.

If everything is okay and the installation has been successful, you will be presented with a Finish page. From this page, you may choose to read post-installation instructions, which are also available here.

On completion, a directory is created under the current user's Start Menu. This directory contains shortcuts to TransTools+ Documentation, Post-installation Instructions, Translator Tools website, and Uninstaller (to remove TransTools+ from the system).

For more information on running TransTools+, use post-installation instructions.